How to make money to buy a share of a budget car?

We own more than 300 budget slot machines. Of these, about 50 BAs pay dividends. The most inexpensive shares of a paying BA are currently trading at 0.09 WMR per share. That is, in order to buy at least one of its shares, you need to have 0.1 WMR on your wallet (including WebMoney commission).

Shares of the budget

The most expensive BA shares paying dividends cost about 1400 WMZ. That is, for training you need at least 0.1 WMR. And the maximum amount is limited only by your capabilities and desires. But where can you get the money to buy shares of the budget vending machines you like? Let’s start with the simplest.

Webmoney bonuses

There are various sites on the Internet that pay so-called Webmoney bonuses to attract visitors. Such a bonus is a small amount, usually in WMR. You visit the site, go to the bonus receipt page, enter your wallet details in a special field or window, and in a couple of seconds you will receive some webmoney on your wallet. Several years ago, every tenth website in the Russian Internet handed out such bonuses. But now there are very few of them. Basically, these are exchange offices and points of input-output of various electronic currencies. Let’s imagine 4 such sites. Let’s call from “first” , “second” , “third” and “fourth”… In the first, the amount of the bonus received depends on the value of your BL (business level) in the WebMoney system.


The higher it is, the greater the bonus awaits you. Bonuses are paid not only in WMR, but also in WMU, WMZ and even WME (analogue of euros). In the second service, bonuses are paid only in WMR. But their size depends on the day of the week. On Monday you will be paid 0.01 WMR, on Thursday – 0.04 WMR, and on Sunday – 0.07 WMR. In the third service, the bonus is fixed at 0.01 WMR per day. But the service is interesting because it is a credit machine. That is, if you urgently need web money, then you can intercept there at a reasonable price. The fourth service will give you from 0.01 to 0.25 WMR once a day. It is a WebMoney input-output-exchange service. It can be useful not only for collecting bonuses, but also for its intended purpose. It will take 2-3 minutes to visit these four sites and collect bonuses. As a result, you will buy your first share in 1-2 days. Then repeat these steps regularly and your share package will, albeit slowly, be replenished.

Rules and technical support

The next in simplicity, but taking more time, is getting money in various services of active advertising (active promotion) of sites. Or, as they are also called, in buxes (BUX). They pay from 0.001 WMR to view websites, read emails and complete assignments. Browsing sites (surfing and autosurfing) is the “lowest paid” job in all the boxes. But you can also get from 1 to 10 WMR per day from it. And if you use at least three such services at the same time, then you can click on a rather noticeable package of segments of different BA. And on assignments you can “earn” hundreds and thousands of rubles a month. But the tasks are not suitable for everyone, and everyone can stupidly browse sites while surfing. There are many similar services today. Both domestic and foreign. But we recommend you to start with only 4, time-tested: “first” ,”Second” , “third” and “fourth”… We will not describe in detail. Their sites are in Russian, they all have descriptions, rules and technical support. So figure it out. If you just click links in surfing or in letters, then at a price of 1 to 9 kopecks per view of one site (and you can view 50 of them in each service per day), you can click from 1 to 10 in any given day rubles and buy already a solid package of shares of various BAs (1 each). And if you complete tasks, you can buy yourself 90% of all budget machines that are currently paying dividends on the very first day. The tasks are very simple. For example, joining a group on social networks (for example, VKontakte) or subscribing to a channel (for example, YouTube) costs from 20 kopecks to 1 ruble. Any likes, views and comments there are paid from 20 kopecks to 5 rubles. Installing the application and evaluating it costs from 5 rubles. There are also more complex tasks, respectively, and a higher payment (the maximum payment for today, of all the known ones – 4000 WMR). The only thing that we do not recommend is to perform such tasks, the authors of which require preliminary investments on your part. Such a task, even if it pays off, will require a lot of your time.

Well, the third thing we recommend as a source of easy receipt of funds to your WM-purses is the provision of various services and freelance exchanges. If you know how to write texts, take photos, install CMS, administer servers or something else, then these services are perfect for you. Here you have to really work, but the income will also be really big, and not a penny. Here we will present you three services: “first” , “second” and “third”… The first two are very convenient for customers, since it does not take a long time to choose a contractor for a price.

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