Best 5 freelance exchanges for remote work at home (List 2)

Best 5 freelance exchanges for remote work at home (List 2)

6. Fl . Leading the activity since the dawn of freelancing – 2005, the site has established itself on the positive side. A true springboard for those who love to plunge headlong, to make the main job out of a part-time job. So, a distinctive feature is the availability of proposals for permanent cooperation. A kind of bulletin board.
The site allows you to move to it from other places, since historically here the customer pays more attention to examples of work, and not to the rating. The rating for the newly registered person is not able to show all the baggage of the previous work. You can post a portfolio for example and be one step ahead of others who did not.

7. Freelancehunt . Simple design, free cooperation. The emphasis is on programming, design and copywriting. Sometimes there are orders for other services.
The site appeared in Ukraine in 2005, but spread to Russia and the CIS countries. Good as a freelance exchange for beginners. Here you can really learn to work, communicate, but there is almost no growth system. Having improved their experience, it is problematic to achieve an increase in wages.

8. Upwork . Foreign site without Russian language support. Of course, a google-translator of pages will help, but with an initial level of English, you can do without it. The exchange is shareware – you can respond to orders from potential customers by offering your services to solve the assigned tasks.
Experienced users are advised to use a paid account. Such an account becomes visible to customers and the latter get the opportunity to contact you if you look closely at them. Good prices for services have made the site one of the most popular since 2015.

9. Freelancer . International exchange. It unites 247 countries and almost 40 million users. Has Russian. The most important thing is a lot of assignments at a foreign price.
Freelance work at home on the Internet originated here. This site stood at the origins of freelancing, since then it has perfected its models to a state of perfection. There is a nuance – it is better to come here as a professional. They love quality, without which you can quickly lose the audience.

10. Freelancejob is a freelance site without investing money. A democratic approach to interaction. In few places you can find the absence of a ban on the transfer of contact information, but here they are published without fear of a ban. The opportunity to get on the list of professionals is a significant bonus and a possible goal for a beginner. Such a list of “proxies” will dramatically increase sales. Many areas of activity and a lot of interesting unique orders to choose from.
The site competes with its peers with dignity, offering excellent conditions for cooperation. Most of the exchange users registering here once do not think to change it, because there are no problems with employment. In addition, it is easy to find regular customers to interact with outside the exchange.

Freelancing attracts more and more people who are tired of the daily commute to the office or factory. In fact, before you rush to learn about freelance exchanges for beginners, it is worth considering several times. Although the tasks offered at these sites are not simple tasks for money , but a real opportunity to develop and leave permanent work for remote work, the path of a freelancer is not easy. Not every temperament will allow you to engage in such activities.

Many sites for remote work from home try to take shape in an atmosphere of goodwill and mutual support. Chat rooms, forums, friendly caring services all play on the side of morale. Without the previous supervision of the superiors, a sense of their own need and the goals set will bring up a correctly oriented, purposeful performer in a newcomer, who will be highly appreciated by customers and provided with work for several days in advance.

If, nevertheless, you are firmly confident in your strengths and intentions, then feel free to choose one of the presented sites for work, register and start earning. Working on remote work exchanges will require keeping records (work performed, time spent, money earned, etc.), self-discipline and self-development

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