Best 5 freelance exchanges for remote work at home (List 1)

Competition among freelance job brokers is reaching its climax. Today, you can choose a site for any sophisticated taste. The main criterion for most freelancers is the average order value. In addition, the design, site usability, excellent support service, atmosphere, customer traffic (number) and other objective characteristics can attract.

For long-time working freelancers, the status on the site is also important, because the reputation earned by one’s own labor is more valuable than all other criteria combined. Therefore, there are performers tied to a specific platform with just such ties.

It will be useful for beginners or performers who have not yet decided on the exchange to find out the main strengths and weaknesses of popular platforms for a more informed choice. Below we will consider freelance services ideal for beginners learning about self-employment at home. They will also be of interest to experienced performers who want to change the site for various reasons.

Top 5 best freelance exchanges for both beginners and experienced freelancers

A competent freelancer, in theory, does not care where to work, there would be orders. But there are only circumstances known to him, forcing him to change the sites of freelancing and remote work. Now on the Internet, several dozen sites offer to earn money, all of them have shown themselves to be conscientious, not deceiving exchanges. This is a story about how supply exceeds demand, which is why the bulk of freelancers live on the most reputable ten services.

For this reason, it does not make much sense to talk about all the existing offers, consider the best freelance exchanges in the top ten.

1. Kwork is the best freelance exchange in Russia, according to most performers. Pricing is based on the fixprice principle – each “kwork” costs 500 rubles. Of these, 100 is received by the platform, 400 – by the performer, in total we get 20% of the commission, not a little. However, advanced performers sell additional packages, which is why the average cost of work is estimated at 1,500 rubles.
For unlimited types of services and creative (albeit borrowed) pricing principle, Kwork has received praise from all Russian performers. An excellent platform for the initial freelance path, as well as for experienced performers who migrated from other exchanges.

2. Moguza . The name comes from two Russian words “can” and “for”. This is followed by the price set by the performer. Although the site advertises itself on the same principle of a fixed cost, it is here limited to a specific amount – 5,000 rubles, and starts from 100 rubles.
The sections of the exchange are standard for their own kind: graphics, social networks, website development, work with audio and video, programming, work with texts, entertainment, advertising and consultations. There are thousands of proposals in each section. The reviews about the exchange are good, no scam was found, the site honestly unites customers with performers for cooperation.

3. Fiver is a foreign freelance site for beginners. There is no Russian version, but no difficulties arise when using an automatic page translator. The site works like Kwork (maybe vice versa), offering services for a flat fee of $ 5. At the same time, it is possible to offer services outside the standard package for a fee, which in foreign currency is very attractive to Russian freelancers.
The site is popular, but it is desirable to have a basic level of English to communicate with clients. On the site there are orders from compatriots, but foreigners turn out to be more generous and accommodating.

4. Work-zilla . Nicely designed in a cartoon style website. Both beginners and experienced performers can work on it. A popular, intuitive free freelance exchange that is in demand from customers, therefore it is attractive for freelancers of all levels.

According to the reviews of the majority of performers, arbitration, acting on the side of justice in controversial issues, has proven itself well. The exchange values ​​its employees, often takes their side in disputes, thereby keeping them from moving to other sites.


5. Weblancer has been operating for 16 years in Russia and neighboring countries. A somewhat complex interface and an outdated operating principle. Here the performer must respond to orders by leaving orders. However, the latter are paid. After registering a newbie, 55 free applications will be available to him, after that for his own money. You will need to learn how to present yourself from the advantageous side, since a positive decision will not necessarily follow to a left application. A controversial principle in which the emphasis towards the customer is clearly expressed.
Such interaction technologies are currently perceived as the greed of site owners trying to make money on everything. In addition, prerequisites are created for the machinations by the administrators themselves, who create orders, but as a result refuse to all those who responded.

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