TOP 9 Best money earn ways on the Internet

Today, many people are interested in the question of how to make money online. After all, some need additional income, others simply save money for some expensive thing or trip. And there are times when making money on the Internet is vital, as, for example, during quarantine. Whatever the reason, it is important to understand that it is possible to have additional income online.

So, some of them require technical skills, knowledge of foreign languages, etc. Therefore, the type of activity in the network must correspond to the capabilities of the person.

The PaySpace Magazine editorial team has collected several proven ways to make money on the Internet and get additional income.

The best ways to make money online: teach, sell, translate
Online lessons

You can be a teacher and teach online. The main advantage of this activity is that you can teach almost anything. Depending on the person’s skills and experience, he can develop his own training courses in the category of knowledge in which he specializes and teach interested students.

You can implement this idea with the help of the SkillsShare resource – a service that will help you learn online. A wide range of courses are offered here. Therefore, by registering on the site, you can create your own lessons on different topics (mathematics, engineering, design, cooking, language learning, etc.). It is noted that such earnings on the Internet bring at least $ 3 thousand per year of additional profit.

Another useful service to teach online is Udemy . Here you can sell your lessons. You just need to create your own course and put it on the site. When a student chooses and buys a particular course, then the payment is transferred to its author.
Required skills: 100% knowledge of the subject you intend to teach. In addition, the ability to work in Photoshop, create and edit videos will come in handy. All these tools will help make the course more interesting and understandable, and most importantly – sell it.


Online transfers

It is not so difficult for connoisseurs of foreign languages ​​to find ways to make money on the Internet. In particular, if a person speaks several languages, then he will be able to find enough orders for online translations.

One of the best services for finding a job for translators is . Here you need to independently propose the cost of translation for any order. The client will already choose the option that is profitable for him, based on the price.

Translation services can be provided on other web sites. In particular, among the Russian-speaking audience is a popular service . In addition to translation, there is a great variety of fields of activity for freelancers.


transcription of texts

This activity requires a person a lot of patience, because there will have to listen to the audio or watch the video, and then in the form of a text to provide information to listen. Therefore, a person should understand different accents, high-level command of a foreign language (if you do not have to decipher the information in their native language). And when it is necessary to rewrite the text written by hand, from the image, it is important to well-versed in the handwriting.

There are different sites for a living, which have similar tasks.  All that is needed – to register on the site and find a profitable option for themselves.


Lend your voice

Today on the Internet you can find a lot of proposals related to the announcer’s voice to. However, it is not entirely without income investments, because it is necessary to have equipment for recording, to perform quality work.

Thus, you can lend your voice to voice-over different types of texts. To do this often use such services as VoiceBunny or Voice123 . On these sites, it is necessary to register in order to articulate texts for money. You can then select the appropriate proposals to implement them and get money sitting at home. In addition, such a regular income on the Internet can turn into a professional career.

Sell ​​your creativity and not only

So, on the sites ArtFire or Etsy sell thousands of these hand-made goods. Plus, Facebook or Instagram are great places to sell your art .

An additional way to earn money for photography enthusiasts can be the sale of their creations online. On the Internet, they often search and buy author’s pictures for various projects, online and printed publications.

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