How to make money for a lawyer on the Internet – Best 3 sites for making money

All professions are important, all professions are needed. Jurisprudence is a science with a wide range of applications. With the development of online earnings, the scope of legal knowledge has expanded. Now there is no need to wear a formal suit and sit in the office. Earning money on the Internet for a lawyer is a new way of recent years.

What do you need to work? The main thing is a diploma of higher education in the specialty “jurisprudence”. Of course, you will also need a computer with Internet access and free time. To expand the functionality, it is advisable to have a webcam with a microphone in order to conduct online consultations via video communication.

Armed with the right equipment, you will start looking for the most profitable sites. Consider sites for earning money for lawyers, which are in the top three in popularity and profit. It is important to know and understand that promoting your portfolio on each of the sites is the most important component of success. The number of clients depends on the quality of the portfolio, and hence the income from consultations.

Top 3 sites for earning money for a lawyer

The rating of legal sites is compiled not only by the level of income, but also by the ease of use, the speed of adaptation of newcomers, the adequacy of the audience, the work of support, and the ways of promotion. It is these criteria as a whole that make up the overall impression and form reviews and ratings.

1. This service is designed to connect a lawyer and a client. Although the “lawyer” does not allow cooperation with the client outside the scope of the service, there are a sufficient number of ways to transfer your contacts for communication. However, the official publication of contact information on the service is prohibited, the observance of the ban is strictly monitored. Even taking into account this feature, the site remains the leader in providing remote earnings for a lawyer. What do you need to get started?

You need to start with registration. In a special form that appears after clicking on the “register” button, you are invited to fill in the fields: last name, first name, e-mail address. It is possible to register via social networks, which is convenient, but from a security point of view, it is not the best option.

The second mandatory step will be confirmation of the education you have, for which you need to select a specific educational institution and the list and the year of its graduation, as well as attach a scanner file of the education document (diploma). After the application, the documents will offer you to pass the exam Without successful testing, the opportunity to provide paid services will be unavailable. A failed test can be repeated after two weeks.

The number of customer requests depends on how the personal page will be designed. From the information posted there should be knowledge and experience. However, you should not lie and embellish your practical achievements, which are not supported by documents. In a month or two of work, clients will be able to assess your knowledge. Asking the client to leave a review, there is nothing wrong with that, but reviews are extremely important to promote your account.

What options for providing legal assistance are provided on the site? The answer to the stated problem. Questions from customers are paid and free. The latter are offered to customers who visit the site for the first time. Most of the questions are paid.

The site has a referral program. This means that the attracted lawyers will bring in a profit of 15% of the cost of the service provided. The invited 5 lawyers will allow you to receive 75% of their total profit. Agree, advertising online earnings for a lawyer to five of your colleagues will not be difficult, about 75% is a very attractive figure.

What else is notable about the site? Our experience in providing services. Pravoved service has existed since 2011, it is a respectable age. Pravoved also promises a 100% quality guarantee, offering to simply write them a letter that the services were not helpful, thereby refunding the money.


Not the best in design, but one of the best in terms of service. The case when you shouldn’t judge by the wrapper. On the main page of the site there are many advertisements and news that are not related to the specifics of the services provided. But we will not pay attention to this, we will consider the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of the site has existed since 2000, which is even more solid than Pravoved. The site has a mobile application that allows you to always stay in touch, promptly respond to requests. The lawyers are divided according to the territorial principle.

You cannot do without the registration procedure here. The same minimum of information is indicated, with a copy of the diploma attached. Next, filling out the portfolio, where it is not forbidden to indicate contact information. The site allows you to work with clients outside of the online framework, call up, discuss the nuances. A distinctive feature is the ability to publish articles. In this respect, the page on resembles a blog. True, not all publish feature articles. Articles are monetized by the number of readings.


Often you can read negative reviews about from customers. If you look more deeply, it becomes clear why. Those who seek help primarily try to ask a question free of charge. Lawyers need income, why waste time on a free consultation? Often replies to such questions come in the form of quotations from laws, without delving into the problem. From the point of view of a lawyer, this is justified. Unlike Pravoved, there is no exam where only free questions are available.

Yet such an attitude towards free questions is erroneous. You need to advertise your portfolio, for which it will be effective sometimes to pay attention to free questions and answer them in detail. The author of the question will only be grateful, and the lawyer will be one of the few who writes adequate answers. At the same time, in communication, you can easily capture the attention of the client and bring the conversation into a paid channel.

All in all, deserves praise despite its design. There is a flexible system of interaction with clients, the ability to communicate outside the service, complete freedom. It is thanks to this approach that has been in demand since the turn of the century.

3. Etxt

Although Etxt is a content exchange, there is room for a lawyer. Legal advice is not provided on Etxt. The site is familiar, as a freelancer earning money at home through copywriting. The exchange allows you to order any text on any topic, from construction to medicine. Legal articles are included in the top orders here. There are not many people who can write such texts on the service, so is a decent way to make money for a lawyer through the Internet. Experienced copywriters, that is, those people who write to order, have managed to earn quite decent money on articles for more than one year .

Compulsory attachment of the diploma is not required, but it is better to attach it to advertise the portfolio. There is an opportunity to prove your qualifications of documents, then the profile will be marked with a special sign “qualified specialist”. This opportunity applies only to a lawyer, doctors and several other professions.

Earnings are built on orders. Your task is to look for orders for the desired topic, leave a request for their execution, it’s free. After the approval of the application, you can start writing. It is necessary to submit the text within a predetermined time frame, which can be shifted to the right at the discretion of the customer. For a delay, the contractor loses the rating, which negatively affects long-distance orders.

It is forbidden to transfer contact information. All interaction within the service, which guarantees payment for the order. The site takes a small commission from both sides. The price is indicated for 1000 characters of text. Withdrawals are available to different e-wallets within 2-3 days. An urgent withdrawal is available.

How much can a lawyer earn on such sites?

It all depends on the time spent on work. For example, the Pravoved website even has a calculator, where by indicating the average time that you can devote to working on the service, you can see the approximate level of income. This option is poorly suited to those who are ready to work only in the evening.

Being in touch and answering when a question is received, spending 2 hours a day, you can have an income of about 10,000 rubles a month, which is similar to additional earnings for a lawyer on the Internet. Some find themselves on such services, and work on an ongoing basis, earning about 30,000 rubles.

Writing articles generates different income depending on the price. Legal inquiries for articles are priced around 70-100 rubles per 1000 characters. It will take 2-3 hours to write it. But by getting a rating and doing self-promotion, you will be able to dictate your terms to clients.


Networking is not a myth today. As you can see, even such a profession as jurisprudence is tenaciously entrenched on the Internet. As elsewhere, the approach of a particular specialist to the matter is important, his attitude to work, the client. With the right prioritization, choosing the right strategy, online consulting will bring income that does not differ much from the income in reality.

Providing legal services on the Internet is not a new, but rather popular direction for both parties. The client receives answers to questions, the author receives a monetary fee and recognition within the framework of the project. The main thing is to work without pulling down your sleeves.


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