How to make money in Tik Tok – Unique and best ways to make money smartly

Working on the Internet has long ceased to seem like something unusual. Remote work is gaining more and more popularity every year. Anyone can find a job by vocation. Specialists with a narrow focus (copywriters, translators, website builders, promoters) get more. But even for people without education and certain skills, there is where to make money: by decoding captcha, page views on sites, completing tasks on social networks.

When making money on Twitter , Instagram, Facebook and other social networks is not of interest, it makes sense to take a closer look at making money on Tik Tok. Now it is a relatively new resource that is being promoted at a breakneck pace. This social network is one of the fastest growing, both in Russia and in the world. She has absorbed all the best from Instagram and YouTube.

Perhaps only a deaf person has not heard of Tik Tok. What is its popularity? The application is based primarily on convenience for smartphone users, ease of content creation and use of the most engaging format – video. It is not surprising that many are asking the question: how to make money in Tik Tok? Below we will consider the features of receiving money in this social network, its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Tik Tok and its features

TikTok is a resource for posting short videos (from 15 to 60 seconds) and conducting live broadcasts. The idea of ​​creating such a social network belongs to the Chinese developers, Bytedance. Since 2018, the audience of the social network has grown from 500 to 800 million, with 60% of the total being Chinese residents aged 25 to 44. To be in demand as a Tiktoker, you do not have to have an ideal appearance or other cliches that usually go into the hands of other social networks. It is important to be able to make interesting videos, both from the content topic and from the technical side.

The majority of Tik Tok users are teenagers. As stated, the demand for the application among them will only grow. However, there are also many people of different ages. You can download the application to any smartphone that supports the operating system Android, IOS, Windows. The application functions in 38 languages ​​of the world.

The social network interface is similar to the Instagram interface. It is subdivided into the following blocks:

  • personal page;
  • tape;
  • discovery section;
  • video creation;
  • notifications.

The main role is given to the feed: the largest number of videos falls on recommendations. Social network subscriptions are secondary. On the one hand, this forces people to follow fashion, which limits the range of actions, but on the other hand, it significantly facilitates promotion: a really good video does not need to be promoted, it, roughly speaking, will do it for itself. The main feature of Tik Tok is its camera. It is so versatile that it surpasses all competitors. This is the most comfortable video editor for smartphone videos. The camera assumes only vertical photography. The built-in camera allows you to independently adjust the video recording speed (0.1-3x), there are many masks and filters, you can insert different inserts or music into the video.

Now, knowing about the features of the resource, the question arises: do they make money in Tik Tok or is it just a figment of someone’s imagination? Of course yes. Like any social network, TikTok is not just a place to have fun, but also to get money. How to make money in tik tok on views, likes and comments will be described below.

Top 6 Ways to Make Money at Tik Tok

The scheme of making money in TikTok is relatively limited: a person cannot leave external links in the resource. Therefore, the user either advertises the brand or redirects subscribers to their account on YouTube or Instagram.

The most popular ways to work on Tik Tok:

1. Advertising of other accounts (earnings in TikTok on video advertising). In videos, a blogger may mention another user’s ID. In addition, the resource provides such formats as “duet” and “reaction”, which allows you to more effectively draw attention to the profile of another person. For example, an unpopular musician wants to get promoted. Then he writes a track, contacts the blogger with a request that he himself record a video clip for the customer’s song. If the customer’s channel has more than 50 thousand subscribers, he will receive about 250 to 500 rubles for an advertising video.

2. Monetization of live broadcasts... When a user has passed the threshold of a thousand subscribers, the function of conducting live broadcasts becomes available to him. The broadcasts are carried out in real time, and any user can watch them. Viewers have the right to send donations to the streamer. Tik Tok has an internal currency that can be bought for money. The price sometimes fluctuates due to the volatile dollar exchange rate. On average, 100 coins are worth a dollar. However, they can be sent to a person not in a “clean” form, but in the form of a sticker. A fourth of the price per sticker is charged to the streamer. After that, the money can be withdrawn to the card (at least $ 10). The record for receiving money in this format belongs to a man from China, Meng Lei. In the process of broadcasting, as he plays the game “Kingofglory”, gathered up to 22 million viewers. As a result, they donated the Leyustikers worth $ 167,000.

3. Collaboration with brands . If a person can reach 10-20k subscribers, they can easily try their luck at influence marketing. Advertisers are biting on the large reach of each post. Even if it is not allowed to put a link, TikTok will be useful for other purposes – increasing brand awareness, improving the company’s reputation. A blogger can place a product or logo in a video, advertising it unobtrusively. If a tick-toker has many subscribers, he just needs to demonstrate the product, say that he is actively using it. The popularity of the product will increase significantly.

4. Sale of goods / services . It is appropriate for cosmetologists, doctors, sellers, fitness instructors to promote services or goods – those who provide useful information in a short video. An advertisement can get into recommendations if it is originally made without geolocation and other “constraints”.

5. Work on affiliate programs . Promotional talents can be used to advertise CPA offers. Since a direct link cannot be inserted, the user has the right to leave his id on YouTube or Instagram, and from there redirect the audience to an affiliate link. It is important to take into account that the main percentage of the audience is adolescents, and therefore goods for retirees or children are unlikely to be popular. It is appropriate to promote cosmetics, clothing, other youth goods, games, etc. on Tik Tok.

6. Earnings on the Tiktop-free website . This is a site that provides an opportunity for income from completing tasks. First you need to register, enter your email address, enter your password. Then add an account on TikTok (or create a new one). Registration for making money on Tiktop-free. com can only be accessed using a smartphone by downloading the application. There is a section “Tasks”, where the available tasks for execution will be highlighted: subscribe to an account, watch a video, like. For their implementation, a person will receive coins, which can then be exchanged for money.

Obviously, for a successful and higher income, you need a large crowd of people.

Advantages and disadvantages of earning in Tik Tok

The main advantages of this social network include:

the ability to quickly unwind without asking other users about it, without using additional services;

  • music and effects are constantly updated;
  • there is an opportunity to shoot a video with other bloggers;
  • there is practically no advertising;

This social network is designed more for personal use. On other resources, profiles are gradually becoming business accounts – the focus is on commerce, not entertainment. This makes it harder to find the content you want. In TikTok, things are different, which is another plus. But there are also disadvantages:

Can a beginner make money at TikTok

Of course yes. The key is to start with the right things. You should not immediately rush to the tidbit without understanding anything in the entire system of work. It is recommended that a beginner try his hand at cheating.

Many people crave popularity, which makes them artificially create it around them by boosting likes, comments, etc. In some cases it works: artificial promotion gives an impetus to the development of the blog, attracts more and more people. This is provided that the author’s content is engaging and interesting. A person can order cheats, and a beginner can complete tasks, for which he will then receive money.
Cheating is an active platform for getting money. Making money in TikTok on likes and subscribers is not a difficult task, however, it is not suitable for everyone. It requires at least basic knowledge in the field of programming to create a database of bots, automate the promotion purchase process. If a person has certain knowledge, he can make good money on it. There is always a demand for wrapping.

If you want to create content, and not help others in development, you can register in the application and start creating right now. This is painstaking work, especially for beginners. They need to promote an account from scratch, come up with relevant content. In general, the opportunities are equal for everyone, in particular for beginners. If you are not interested in this format, you can learn more about ways to make money on the Vkontakte social network , and how to make money on Telegram without investments .

How much money do they make in Tik Tok

It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. Earnings depend on the way you receive money, the number of active subscribers, etc. You can cite several TikTokers as an example, and draw conclusions about income yourself.

Sergei Nikolaev, a 17-year-old blogger from Sochi, is filming videos with his brother. He has over 150 thousand subscribers. Earnings per week from 2 to 15 thousand. The way to earn it – duets for advertising customers.

Artem and Kirill Verzakov, twin brothers, previously published videos in general trends. But when their parody cartoon gained more than 10 million views, the brothers decided to parody the cartoons. Now the guys have over 1.7 million subscribers. This brings them 130 thousand rubles a month. They also advertise songs for music labels.

Reviews about earnings in Tik Tok

Reviews about making money on TikTok are mostly positive. It is worth noting that large sums cannot be earned there at the initial stage. Many people do not like the prospect of work “to nowhere” and therefore, they give up this hobby. This is because people are fixated on the prospect of making money, and not doing what they love. In any case, no one is forbidden to try their luck.

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