Earnings on online games Methods & Review

Earnings on online games

Many fans of solitaire and tetris do not even suspect that their hobby can become an additional source of income, bringing real money. The world of computer games is developing at lightning speed, providing new opportunities for earning money.

Believe me, the creators of a commercially successful project are willing to pay a lot of money to players who attract new gamers. After all, they are the ones who advertise the game product. This strategy of attracting users is typical both for the gaming business and for its other areas and directions.

Earning money on online games is real. It is due to the fact that gamers devote a small amount of free time to their hobby. A simple life principle works here: a person is ready to pay for what he cannot do with high quality. For example, we are ready to order an unusual dress in the atelier, since our sewing skills are far from ideal.

A similar principle is typical for online games, gamers are ready to purchase ammunition, new tanks, spend their savings for interesting attributes. The process of the game is important for them, and the professional gamer earns a lot of money.

Where to start making money on games

Many people ask themselves the question: “How to make money on online games?” Before proceeding directly to the game itself, it is worth doing the following:

• First, register with any of the payment systems. Since payments are made only using electronic wallets. The registration procedure for all systems is identical. The most popular of them are Payeer, Yandex.Money and WebMoney;

• Secondly, choose the most optimal version of the game for yourself, as well as familiarize yourself with the types of earnings that are possible. For example, you are attracted by strategies in which you need to develop a character, or collect rare artifacts, or you are an adherent of an intellectual game that will not only bring income, but also train your mental activity;

• Thirdly, to understand whether you are ready to invest real money in your hobby. Many gaming platforms are commercial projects aimed at generating income for the creators. It is such entertainment that requires significant financial costs, for example, the installation of a number of them is paid. Of course, making money on online games without investments on such computer platforms is impossible;

• Fourth, go through a simple authentication procedure and start earning your first income.

Top 8 ways to make money on games

Online games with real money earning are a reality. The variety of gaming platforms offers professional gamers and gamers taking their first steps many ways to supplement their budget with their favorite hobby. It is only necessary to decide which of the proposed methods will be to your liking, as they say.

1. Game stream is an online broadcast of the game process. The player, without stopping from his favorite hobby, records a video, while commenting on some points, revealing secrets, and sharing experience. The more exciting and useful the plot he filmed, the more target audience he will be able to “collect”. In this case, application developers, advertisers and users are ready to pay for such a gamer’s work. There are cases when users earned about a quarter of a million euros;

2. Youtube is a popular hobby of most bloggers and computer gamers. The ability to eloquently convey your thoughts, adding a touch of humor to them, helps to attract a million audience, which also “affects” the income you receive. Moderators and computer game developers are willing to pay these “storytellers” because they attract the target audience. In addition, the Youtube portal itself pays for video views. To start making money on YouTube , the user needs to create his own channel, post interesting material and attract gamers;

3. Writing blog reviews . Talking to the camera is a talent that many, unfortunately, cannot boast of. The “lifeline” in such a situation is to write a review of your favorite game. To do this, you need to create your own blog and post there information about your hobby, share “chips”, describe innovations, and reveal the secrets of mastery. Expert opinion, exciting writing style, and deep knowledge will attract developers, advertisers who are ready to pay for the blogger’s efforts. This way of making money will allow you to master a new exciting profession;

4. “Mentor” for beginner gamers. You can study not only geometry, biology and physics, but also the operational development of a virtual gameplay. Often, beginners strive to comprehend the basics of a game in a short time, but their own knowledge is not enough, then an experienced player-tutor comes to the rescue, who will help to understand the process, reveal secrets and subtleties – and this costs money, sometimes a lot;

5. Selling “advanced” characters, equipment . Spending a colossal amount behind the computer screen, players hone their skills to such an extent that their characters become strong, and their arsenal is the envy of rivals. To generate income, such a player simply sells his character to a “lazy” opponent;

6. Online version of the offline game . You can fight in a chess tournament or play cards not only with a neighbor on a bench, but also with a real rival in the virtual space, while receiving real money;

7. Testing of online games . It would seem that this way to improve your well-being is simple. There is no need to conquer artifacts, improve your character, you just need to be attentive and notice flaws. But this is far from the case – every developer of a computer product tries to have his work evaluated by a professional, so large companies have created special departments of highly qualified testers. Most often, posted tester vacancies are just someone’s fraudulent scheme. However, the Android and iOS operating systems offer users to download and install a special application on their gadgets, in which they can evaluate the work of a particular game, while leaving a review. The earnings, of course, are not large, but quite real and do not require any financial investments;

8. Investment projects in the format of computer games . The process is quite simple: first you need to go through the registration process, invest a small amount of money in the purchase of any product or service, and start developing your business, attracting new users, bringing you a small reward. The topics of such entertainment are very diverse, from raising poultry to buying and selling real estate. The income obtained in this way is not large, but real. To increase it, you can register and enjoy your favorite game on several sites at once. But you have to be careful, very often such games are “scams”, playing which you will only lose your money.

Pros and cons of making money on games

The idea of ​​getting money by playing is tempting, especially for the younger generation. But, do not forget that it has not only positive sides, but also “pitfalls”.


• Comfortable conditions. There is no need to go to the office, you just need to open your laptop in any convenient place and start your favorite gameplay. This is a great opportunity to organize leisure and work place as you wish;

• The freedom of action. The choice of the most convenient schedule for the game, the ability to enjoy the exciting process at any time of the day, as well as choose its duration. Lack of leadership, loss of bonuses and delays in salary payments;

• Complete confidentiality. The ability to choose any name, image, while keeping your personal data secret.


– Duration of the process. It takes time to hone your skills and improve your skill level, in some cases it can take months or years. Also, if you write reviews or record videos, you will also have to be patient and do your best;

– Lack of stability. Nobody canceled the risk. The higher the bet, the higher the probability of being left without a win. And projects can be closed completely unexpectedly for the players, depriving the gamer of a stable income;

– Search for your “place”. Before you start making money, you will have to spend a lot of time choosing your niche, where your abilities will be appreciated and bring significant rewards.

Having decided to make money on online entertainment, you need to remember that you will have to make every effort, spend a lot of time, and overcome difficulties. Having coped with this, success, as they say, will not keep itself waiting long and will become a pleasant bonus.

It is also worth noting that, despite the fact that online games can bring quite an impressive income, this way of earning is risky, especially for novice gamers, since no one can guarantee that after a while the service will not stop paying out winnings. In addition, it is necessary to understand that, as they say, no one will just pay out money to anyone – “free cheese is only in a mousetrap.” All entertainment is designed in such a way that the majority of users lose their savings, and only a small part of users become winners.

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