How to make money on forums 100% – ways to make money

Recently, many directions have been monetized on the Internet. Some areas that have become a field of earnings have never previously raised thoughts of such an opportunity. Forums – platforms for communication of like-minded people also partially began to be paid for. For the owners of web forums, such a situation is expenses, for the participants – the opportunity to earn money.

Let’s consider the reasons why web forums have become profitable, why the owners are willing to pay for communication, is it possible to make money on the forum, which sites are more profitable today for making money and what methods are better to use to increase it.

What are forums and why you can make money on them

A web forum today is just a name, a site specificity. This is a specific place where visitors can find a suitable topic thread for communication, or create their own for conversations. Communication is almost like a chat, with the ability to attach links or media files, more often pictures. Forums are veterans on the internet. There was a time when they were very popular, then they began to be pushed back by social networks. Since then, web forums have become more specific, designed not only to communicate, but to help each other, share useful information.

There are many web forums today, just to promote new sites, the creators are forced to offer money in order to lure users. The competition is fierce, a person’s time is valuable, so many modern communication sites offer a symbolic payment for messages. In addition to such payment, there is the possibility of a more profitable use of your time spent on the sites.

The owners of web forums also do not remain in the red, they create sites with one goal – to make money on the forum from the placed advertisements. Only part of the profit received goes to paying for messages by the user. Thus, everyone remains in the black.

How to start making money on forums – top ways to make money

There are four main ways to make money on forums on the Internet. They can be used at the same time. But first you need to find the option of the site that suits you, read the rules and register on it. Registration is usually simple – using an e-mail address or through a profile on a social network. Let’s consider the ways:

1. Writing messages . Every beginner can make money from forum posts. The payment is not great, it is different on each site. One message can have parameters for the minimum or maximum number of signs (with or without spaces), plus there can be a limit on the number of messages per day. For one message, you can get from 1 to 5 cents or from 1 to several rubles, it all depends on the promotion of the site.

It is important to keep in mind that writing many of the same messages, nonsense or copy-pasting the same thing in different topics is not an option. The sites have moderators who verify what is written. You need to write on the topic and competently, because it is important not only to leave the text, but also to help the interlocutor. Everyone can mark you, raise your rating, which will affect your income. When the popularity of your profile increases, new opportunities and new ways of earning will appear.

2. Embedding ads . This method is a higher level, it is important for him to have experience and popularity on the site. What to advertise? Or promote your own products and services, then the audience should interest you as a clientele. Or use the links provided by advertisers. Many cashback services allow you to create such a link to any product of the stores they cooperate with, some stores are ready to provide links directly.

The link should be given unobtrusively, to the topic. For example, there was a conversation about a computer mouse, someone asks for recommendations on the choice. Suggest your own option, explaining the merits of self-exploitation, with a link to the store. If the product is purchased, you will receive a percentage agreed in advance by the store. Please note that such a process should look like ordinary communication, a desire to help the applicant. At the same time, do not forget that we communicate and make a profit in the first way.

3. Moderation . User messages constantly need to be checked for compliance with the site rules and legislation. As the site grows, the need for moderators is growing, whose duties include verification. With sufficient trust, you can become a moderator, then earnings on the Internet on the forum will be higher. Offer your services to the owner of the site, stipulate working conditions – payment, schedule. Such activities can be profitable enough. If the soul lies, develop the appropriate direction in several forums at the same time.

4. Creation of your own web forum . You now know how web forums exist, and the principles of making a profit too. Having worked in the three ways described above, you will learn the nuances deeper and, perhaps, think about creating your own forum. To do this, you need to know a lot and be ready for primary spending, because you need promotion, and at the initial stage, your brainchild will not be interesting to advertisers.

These are the main schemes for making money on the forums. Some resources encourage users outside the rules or have the ability to transfer money to any user. So, solving someone’s problem, for example, to resuscitate a hung phone or search for extraneous noise from the suspension of a car, you can help the person so much that the latter will simply transfer money to you as a token of gratitude.

How much money can you make on forums

It all depends on the popularity of the web forum and the way you work. Let’s take a look at the approximate amounts that you can earn by devoting 4 hours a day to a web forum out of the top 20 best in Runet:

1. Just by writing a message, you can start with an amount of 50 rubles and more. Depending on the intensity of communication and the ties to the size of the messages. On average, you can earn from 100 rubles per day by communicating in several branches. It is not a lot and time consuming, but it is a start;

2. By developing an account and starting to advertise goods or services, you find yourself in other communication goals. You will no longer pay attention to the number of messages and their cost, you will be looking for the best advertising offers and the most profitable options to present them. In practice, for the same 4 hours a day, in a month you can earn up to 10,000 rubles. Having found profitable ways of cooperation, the amount can even double.

3. Moderation brings a steady income. Plus in pre-agreed conditions. Good sites can offer up to 20,000 rubles per month.

4. Creating your own web forum is a profitable business, but only 15 percent of the created brainchildren go to stable earnings of good sums. Even creating a web forum without much experience is a plus is getting it. With sufficient mood, you will soon learn all the nuances and then the project will be able to bring in up to 40,000 rubles a month, in fact it will be passive earnings on the Internet .

These amounts are not overkill, they are averaged and strongly correlated with diligence and time devoted to work. Therefore, when moving to new levels of cooperation, always strive not to waste your time.


Working on web forums isn’t just cheap freelancing. It may seem like that at first. But with a serious attitude, it is important to strive for more. Imagine that you have become moderators of three projects, and your income is 60,000 rubles per month. Or you have created and developed a couple of excellent web forums that operate on their own with a staff of moderators. Each of them brings 40-50 thousand rubles.

Such options are quite achievable, you just need to dive into this direction, start small. Realizing that work on web forums is closely intertwined with other areas of earning money on the Internet, study all the useful information that comes across and part-time work will quickly become the main income.

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