Unique 21 ideas how to start earning extra $ 100 to $ 10 thousand per month

The Investing Simple edition told about the most popular sources of additional income among US residents. Some projects bring in up to $ 10,000 per month.

We publish an adapted translation of the material with ideas that can be repeated without problems in our countries.

Sell ​​on Amazon

It is one of the most popular sources of additional income among Americans. The idea is simple: buy an item and sell it for more on Amazon. If you are uncomfortable trading through this site, use any other marketplace .

Maintain social networks

Companies are willing to pay generous sums to those who will skillfully manage their pages on social networks – to attract new customers. Good specialists earn from $ 1000 per month.

Rent out your accommodation

Do you have a spare room in your apartment? Rent it out through Airbnb or Booking. Daily rent will bring more money than monthly rent.

For the ins and outs of the short-term rental business, watch the reality show Stay Here from Netflix.

Start a mini SMM agency

Now a huge number of companies are ready to pay for high-quality SMM services. That is why mini SMM agencies have become popular in America and some European countries. This trend is just reaching us, so you have the opportunity to become one of the first.

According to our calculations, you can earn on this from $ 3 thousand to $ 10 thousand monthly.

On July 29, our training program starts, in which we will tell you how to launch your mini SMM agency from scratch in 60 days.

Write an e-book

Have you successfully promoted your Instagram page, grown potatoes on Mars, or restored an old sailing ship? Share your experience in an e-book. 50-60 pages of useful content will be enough.

Start a YouTube channel

Think about what you would like to share with people and start a video blog.

For example, 5-7 videos appear on the Financial Education channel every week. Usually videos are watched 10-30 thousand times. On the affiliate program alone, the author earns $ 16 thousand a month. To get $ 1000 in Russian-language YouTube, you need about a million views.

Criticize your resume

A good resume increases the chances of getting the position you want. But not everyone is given the right to compose it. If you know it, start the site, add examples and charge $ 50-100 for criticizing each text.

Clean up the trash

Many people have rubbish at home that they would gladly get rid of, but will never find the time for this. Go door to door and offer to clean up garages, hangars and basements.

Besides the fact that you will receive money for cleaning, some of the unnecessary items can then be sold on OLX.

Open the kitchen on wheels

If you have a culinary talent, open your kitchen on wheels.

Or a bar – as the guys from Bar Stream did . They restored an old mobile home and turned it into a mobile bar. Now the two friends travel to events and make money selling drinks.


Become a Remote Assistant

Find a busy person and offer him help with routine tasks: scheduling appointments, organizing trips, answering emails.


Translate content

You can’t even imagine how many businesses need a good translator. Everyone’s tasks are different: someone has to translate articles for a blog, someone has to provide simultaneous translation at a meeting (a minute costs up to $ 10).

Get started dropshipping

Dropshipping scheme: you find a client and get money from him for the goods, then you give the supplier the data to send, as well as the amount minus your commission.

Some partners are ready to send goods by cash on delivery – without prepayment. With this model, you will receive your percentage from the supplier as soon as the client picks up the package.

Dropshipping is a good tool to check the demand for a product before making a large bulk purchase.

Organize a network of vending machines

Buy a vending machine for $ 1,500-2,000 and find a crowded place to set it up. Agree that the rental price depends on the number of sales, rather than being fixed.

Invest the profit in the purchase of another machine – organize a network.

Take pictures

Have a good camera and basic shooting skills? Then you are the way to become photographers. During the wedding and graduation season, the demand for this service exceeds the supply – put your ad on OLX or another free site, and immediately receive several orders.

Become an Online Dating Consultant

Every month in Yandex alone, more than 2.5 million people search for dating sites. If you are a psychologist or just versed in building relationships, conduct online consultations for these people. Tell us what pictures to upload to the site and what to write in the “About me” section.

Sell ​​refurbished phones
Buy broken phones in bulk, find someone to fix them and sell them on eBay or OLX. You can later start doing this with other electronics.

When selling, be sure to indicate that the equipment is restored.

Go catering

Prepare and deliver food to outdoor events: weddings, graduations, corporate parties. Catering example – Dip Me!


Earn money as a driver with Uber

Don’t go to bars on weekends? Then bring home those who like to spend time there. The easiest way to find customers is through Uber or Uklon. Rates are generally higher on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sell ​​T-shirts with themed prints

Find out what events are planned in your city, order prints for them from the designer and print them on T-shirts. You can sell for $ 15, the cost price including advertising is about $ 5.

Target your T-shirts by interest on social media, buy posts from bloggers and sell near the event entrance.

Take excursions

If you know the history of your city well and can show its sights, become a guide. Advertise the service via social media or Airbnb – there is a special section for this .

Become a personal growth coach

Help people achieve their goals: motivate them, teach and monitor the implementation of the plan.

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