Linkum – earn money by posting links on forums and blogs

Linkum – earn money by posting links on forums and blogs

Making money online is a great way not only to make money in addition to your main income. Many people have long gone to such work, receiving much more money from it. Such earnings have undeniable advantages. A person independently determines the amount of work for himself, he does not need to spend time and money on travel, he works for himself, and does not owe anything to anyone.

On the Internet, you can make money on anything: placing ads, writing texts, completing tasks on social networks, playing games, translating, creating a content plan. Today we will talk about how to make money on forums , namely, on links, using the Linkum exchange.

What is the Linkum service, and how can you make money?

The Linkum site is a link exchange specializing in the sale of links with signatures on the forums. It also sells crowd links, here’s how it works. Often, on any of the forums, a person can indicate several links in the signature. As a rule, they publish a link to their own website or a referral link as part of an affiliate program.

In this chain, Linkum acts as a middle link between the forum user and the advertiser. There is a two-way benefit here. According to this principle, the advertiser pays money to the forum user for posting personal links. This is an additional advertising platform. This idea alone caused a resonance, but the creators of the site did not stop at the successes achieved. They started working with the owners of the forums, offering them a 30% kickback from the money received for the links published on the forum. In this situation, the creators of the forums were provided with another way to make a profit. The site contains work with non-indexed links, and the forum users’ profiles are moderated.

Earning from links in Linkum is characterized by efficiency and speed. Most of the service is used by Internet marketers who have the opportunity to conduct campaigns and other activities to promote goods on the network. However, this promotion is not identical to conventional advertising – it is a separate form of information dissemination.

To make money by placing links in Linkum, you must meet the requirements of this service. Advertisers are offered to promote themselves through white-label methods (attracting non-search traffic). As a result, activity from real people increases on their resource. The forum user, in turn, has the opportunity to earn money by posting employer’s links. The commission charged is relatively low and the money is withdrawn quickly.

How to start making money on Linkum

Before making money on Linkum, a person must register on the resource. It takes place in the same way as creating an account on any other site: an e-mail address and a password are indicated. After that, you should link your payment information and a mobile phone number to your account. Then the person has to add a personal profile on the forum. Immediately after that, the system will display a link that must be placed in the profile. It must be placed immediately. Moderation is done manually. An hour later, the profile will be added to the system, after which it can be configured. To do this, you will need to re-enter Linkum.

In the window that appears, you need to click on the name of the previously added forum, go to the settings. Here it is necessary to indicate the price for a personal signature. Too low a price tag will not bring almost any profit, and a high one will seem unjustified to the advertiser, because of which he will find another person, but with a more democratic cost. An important role is also played by the fullness of the profile, how many messages a person has, with regard to what topics. If the advertiser sees a high price for the service, but the profile and competence inspires confidence, he will redeem the signature.

After some time, the user will receive a notification with the signature: “It is necessary to place.” It often comes to the specified email address. However, not always. It is recommended to visit the site from time to time to make sure there is no news. Next, you need to copy the code, paste it into the signature on the forum. There is no need to confirm anything here. An hour later, the system will automatically “catch” this code, and the status of the application will change. From now on, the user will receive a monetary reward automatically. This amount will grow daily. Also on Linkum there is an opportunity to earn money on affiliate programs . From each attracted client, the partner will receive 3% of the referrals’ money transactions. Using these methods of making money on Linkum at the same time, a person will be able to get more.

How much money can you make on Linkum and how to withdraw it

Whatever the earnings on the Internet, it is impossible to say exactly how much a person can earn. This is because he does not work according to someone else’s instructions, but according to his own will and according to personal aspirations. In this case, an important role is played by the “promotion” of the forum, the desire to systematically post links and check for new tasks.

Linkum – service reviews

The site provides everyone who wants to make money by posting links. Reviews of Linkum vary. Anyone who was able to get a lot of money on the service is completely satisfied with the cooperation with him. Anyone who spent a lot of time on it, but could not get a good reward for it, did not appreciate the work of the service. There are both negative and positive comments about him. It’s best not to rely on reviews, but to try the work yourself. The main thing is that the site really pays.


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