How to really make money on the Internet?

How to really make money on the Internet?

Earning money on the Internet has been gaining popularity in Russia for many years. People are looking for ways to make money from scratch right now from 200 rubles a day through the phone and so that it is easy, free and without cheating. Everyone wants to make money remotely: schoolchildren and adolescents, students and adults, mature and retirees.

How can you make money online? Is it possible to make money quickly, without investment, and where to start for a beginner? How to recognize a divorce from and what is worth doing to turn the Internet into a source of real growing income?

The three main ways to make a real money are remote work, freelance, and business. Inside the paths there are branches, which I painted in the picture. I will explain all this further in the article, but be sure to read to the end – there will be a way to really big earnings via the Internet.

1. Why is the popularity of making money on the Internet growing?

Firstly, because in many sectors of the economy there is a recession and the usual ways of earning money cease to meet the needs of people. Secondly, many are attracted by the opportunity to work from home and not go to work. At the same time, for some, the Internet is almost the only way to earn money (disabled people, mothers on maternity leave, pensioners, residents of remote villages and villages). Thirdly, someone wants to travel and not tie their work to one city. Fourthly, there are more and more people for whom freedom from subordination to their superiors and the ability to independently manage their time are important, and the Internet allows them to lead the most comfortable lifestyle. Probably, many other reasons can be cited, but it seems to me that these are the main ones.


2. Why are there such different opinions about this?

On the one hand, there are people who have been working online for more than 10 years and have already earned their money for a car, apartment and pension several times. On the other hand, there are a lot of reviews that the Internet is a trash heap teeming with scammers, and you won’t be able to make money here.

Why are there such polar opinions? Because on the Internet there really are huge opportunities for learning and earning money, and at the same time, newcomers are waiting for an army of crooks and scammers trying to make money on their naivety. Newbies who have burned themselves once, having lost money, often draw the wrong conclusions, give up and spread them.


3. How to distinguish divorce from working schemes?


Distinguishing fraudulent layouts from working schemes is easy enough. Most often, scammers promise mountains of gold (earnings from 100 thousand rubles per month) with minimal effort and time (1 hour per day) as soon as possible (in a couple of weeks or right now ). Usually, they sell their “way of making money” in the form of some kind of inexpensive video course. Sometimes, they offer to open the scheme for free, but in order to start earning, they are asked to put money on a deposit in some sale-purchase service, sports betting or online casino. If you’ve fallen for these hooks before, it’s important to draw the right conclusions.

Most likely, you will not earn much money on the Internet quickly. There is no freebie on the web, as well as outside of it. At the same time, you can find very comfortable and effective ways to earn money. But to get a steady stream of money in your pocket, get ready to invest resources (time, energy, money) in exploring the Internet.

If you, starting from scratch, devote some time every day to study this issue and practice for at least a few months, then working on the Internet can become the main source of your income. And you can increase this income as you wish. Can you get into the process faster? You can, but for this, read the article carefully until the very end and follow the links if they seem relevant to you.


4. How to make money without investments?

Hundreds of people are looking for a way to earn money every day without investment. The very formulation of this question is a dead end, because in any case you are investing resources – if not money, then time, energy. Time and energy are exchanged for money and vice versa. If you are offered a job that does not require any skills other than reading, writing and clicking, then such work will be paid minimal. You will trade your time for very little money and you will not grow as a professional.

For money, you can get knowledge and skills that will improve your qualifications and thereby increase the value of your time. It is more effective to think like this: “What should I invest in resource X that I have in order to get resource Y in an amount that is beneficial to me?”. Consider the Internet from this perspective, then you will sooner get the desired result.

I advise you to immediately give up making money on those methods that do not make you a professional – taking surveys, custom reviews, clicks on ads, spam and other nonsense. If you invest your resources in your professional development through the Internet, you can grow in both income and quality of life. I have divided the methods of making money on the Internet into several main categories: remote work for hire, freelance or self-employment, and Internet Internet business. All these categories can be divided, in turn, into conditional subcategories for people with low qualifications (no higher than secondary school level) and high qualifications (this is not necessarily a higher education, but it is some kind of valuable skill).

5. Remote work for the unskilled

Today, many are officially employed over the Internet. You can get a list of suitable vacancies on the website or its abbreviated version If you do not have professional skills, in the search criteria you should check the “Remote profession”, “No experience” checkboxes and set the geography “All Russia”. The main vacancies that are found there are: sales manager (usually phone calls), call center operator, support agent, author of abstracts, etc. The salaries of remote workers without experience are usually low, although you can earn above average amounts in sales, but this path is not suitable for everyone.


6. Remote work for qualified

Qualified remote specialists are in great demand today and are paid several times more than unskilled ones. The strongest usually do not look for work at all, because the best companies compete for them, competing with each other in terms of salaries and conditions. Those that are weaker can look for work on the same website, adding their specialty and experience to the search criteria. But this is rather a traditional and to some extent even outdated channel for finding remote work.

Modern remote workers actively use social networks and messengers, so they find vacancies in specialized communities or channels. For example, if you enter “internet marketing” into a Facebook search box, you will find several internet marketing groups and there will definitely be vacancies somewhere in them. In addition, there are quite a few groups on social networks dedicated to remote work in general. Many high-quality vacancies are posted in the formally blocked Telegram messenger.

Also in the search bar you can score “Remote work” or “Remote work” and you will get dozens of channels with vacancies. For example, 154 thousand people have subscribed to the Bounty Hunter channel (March 2019). Jobs with a salary of 50-150 thousand rubles are the norm for modern digital specialists in Internet companies. To reach such an income, you have to master one of the Internet professions. Read about how to choose a remote profession and master it in a separate article when I write and publish it


7. Freelance for low-skilled

Freelancing or self-employment is when you do not have bosses, but nothing works without you (if it works without you, this is already a business). If you are taking your first steps in search of online earnings, then, most likely, you have already heard about freelance exchanges and services for the self-employed. The most popular exchange brings together millions of performers and customers.


8. Freelance for qualified

Pay attention to this point. I like it more than all the previous ones, because I think aiming at it is the most promising in terms of making money on the Internet for a beginner and income growth in the future. Do qualified freelancers work on exchanges? As a rule, no. Why? Because they know how to attract customers through personal acquaintances, social networks, websites, and they do not pay freelance exchanges money for pro-accounts and interest from the transaction.

The ability to sell your services using the most effective methods of a sufficiently paying audience is one of the key skills on which your well-being in the modern world depends. Yes, this is not a metaphor, the survival and well-being of a person or business largely depends on the ability to attract customers using the Internet. And today every person is a business. There will be a separate article on how to pump this skill with minimal investment , which I have not yet written.

Nowadays skilled freelancers realized this earlier than others and for many years have been developing themselves as a business with multiple sources of income. Once they just filled orders, then they wrote articles about their craft, then they created books and courses, and now they act as speakers at conferences and forums for royalties. They have made a brand of themselves, their names are associated with their craft, they set maximum prices for their services, but at the same time there is a queue of people willing to pay for these services.

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