Dreamstime – photo bank and application for making money by selling photos, videos and audio

Dreamstime – photo bank and application for making money by selling photos, videos and audio

Today, many Internet users are looking for reliable and realistic ways to make money online. Real money making via the Internet is possible in hundreds of ways. This includes writing texts, translating, participating in surveys, completing assignments on social networks.


In this article, we will talk about making money on photos on the Internet , or rather, about one photo stock that provides such an opportunity for a part-time job – Dreamstime. Dreamstime is one of the best photobanks for buying good and original photos. It was created in 2000 and has been improving its functionality since then. For more than 20 years, the site has been working properly, giving the opportunity to novice and continuing photographers to sell the fruits of their labors. During its existence, the photo stock has accumulated more than 150 million photos and videos.

Dreamstime photobank review – advantages and disadvantages

If we analyze the statistics of sales on the foreign photo stock Dreamstime, the conclusion suggests itself that, in comparison with competitors, earnings here are not as high as we would like. But if the user resorts to the help of programs to automate work on stocks, then the additional income of $ 300 per year has not hurt anyone yet. The site attracts with the fact that it offers loyal working conditions. But also only those who are serious about it will be able to make money on the Dreamstime photo bank – the system imposes strict requirements on the content to be downloaded. The interface is simple and intuitive. The system offers versions of the site in the main international languages. There is also a Russian version of Dreamstime. According to photographers and illustrators, the resource is included in the top 5 best photo stocks for profit.

Pros of working here:

  1. no need to be tested;
  2. no need to provide documents;
  3. large audience;
  4. the opportunity to purchase high-quality photos, videos, graphic images
  5. loyalty program for photographers;
  6. pleasant working conditions for buyers;
  7. multilingual interface.

The disadvantages include:

  1. low income;
  2. strict requirements for content;
  3. restrictions on the number of daily uploaded files.

Until recently, the site did not have a user-friendly interface. However, the developers have done a great job to simplify the work as much as possible, make it more comfortable and understandable.

Registration at Dreamstime com – instructions

Before you start working on a foreign photo stock Dreamstime, you should register for an account. First you need to go to the official website, click on the Signupforfree button. The process of creating a profile is elementary. After it ends, you will see a welcome message. Before you start making money, do not forget to follow the active link that will come to your e-mail to confirm your registration.

How to sell on Dreamstime – how to make money

After successful registration, you will see a plate with tariff prices. Do not focus on it – it is for buyers. First you need to learn how to upload a photo to Dreamstime. It is not difficult. Your nickname is displayed in the top menu – click on it. In the highlighted window, select “UploadaFile”.


This will take you to the content download page. All that is required is to drag the photo / video to the desired area (it is highlighted). The download will then start. The download speed indicator will light up in the lower left corner. There they write how long it is left to wait until the end.

After the process is complete, a corresponding window will be displayed, notifying that your files are located in the UnfinishedFiles section. Click on ContinuetoUnfinished and navigate to the downloaded content. Here you will find those photos and videos that are awaiting submission for moderation. The system takes time to process them. So you have to wait. After completing this process, the page will automatically reload and open the files.

How much can you earn on Dreamstime

Dreamstime is a website for making money selling photos, the work system within which differs from competitors. That is, the amount of payment does not depend on the level of the author, but on the quality of the particular file that you upload.


In other words, the more often it is bought, the more finances it brings. Therefore, it makes sense to bother with the quality of the content. Another percentage of receipts depends on the license and the type of purchase. So an extended license will bring in from $ 19 to several hundred dollars. In this case, the quality of the photo / video does not matter. If the photo has not been sold yet, the first purchase will bring 0.77-5.39 rubles, but if the photo has 25 or more sales, this will enrich the author by 8.47-14.63 rubles.


The profit also depends on the level of work. So for an author in Dreamstime, it is important to keep track of the profile rating – the higher it is, the greater the percentage of proceeds from each successful transaction. How can I withdraw earned money from Dreamstime Withdrawing money is available to you in your personal account. First, link one of the payment systems to the service. To transfer funds to the wallet, you need to save at least $ 100. You can withdraw money to Paypal, Payoneer, and MoneyBookers.


Features of the Dreamstime app and how to use it

The popular microstock Dreamstime obviously does not compare to ShutterStock. We’ll talk more about how to make money on ShutterStock in another article. Dreamstime is more like EyeEm. There is a large audience turnover, but orders are received not as often as we would like.

The application is primarily noteworthy for buyers, as there are very low prices for photos. Most often they sell 3D visualizations, vector illustrations, sketches. The peculiarity is that the payment system is 50/50% of the sale. To be more precise, a lower-level author gets 30-60% of sales, and a more advanced one gets 60%. But in any case, the cost of photos here is truly penny.

For a year you can sell 100-200 photos, which will result in $ 30-300. The application is easy to use. You make quality content, users buy it, and you get paid for it. Profitable barter on a convenient platform. You can download the application on Android and IOS.

Dreamstime – reviews about the photo bank

There are many reviews on how to sell photos on Dreamstime, and each of them has a different experience. But most of them agree that the site is a great start for newbies who love taking photos and filming videos, but don’t want to bother with testing and other filtering steps. For more advanced users, the site will not be promising. But for a start, this is a great option.


Dreamstaym is a photo stock that offers unique and exclusive opportunities for its authors. You can easily find buyers here, since the developers have provided a free section in which you can publish your work. This is a great place to start developing your creative skills in the photography industry. Registration and work process does not take much time and effort. For a side job, this is a very good option. Of course, this will not bring a full-fledged income. But as you gain experience, you can try to move to higher paying sites where professionals work. Also there you can find regular customers with whom you will work directly.

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