How to make money online best 15 useful sites

How to make money online best 15 useful sites

The online space provides a huge amount of resources – for training, development, travel and, of course, earnings. If you have the opportunity to be on the Web regularly, as well as a little free time and desire, test these sites.

The selection includes platforms where photographers, designers and artists can sell their works. Places where it is easy to try yourself as a teacher, editor or proofreader. Websites that pay to use new tools and more.

  1. Fiverr is one of the most popular sites for receiving or providing online services.
    You can create graphics or music, edit photos, draw logos, channel screensavers, write, proofread and much more. Each trade costs $ 5, but there is a feature to set up additional services for an additional fee.
  2. Snapwire . If you get great photos on your smartphone, you can sell them online. Snapwire is targeted at customers from all over the world.
  3. Scoopshot is a platform for photographers from all over the world. Just take a photo, upload it to the app, add a description, location, and sell it. Brands set prices based on the goals they set. The price can range from $ 7 to $ 150.
  4. Clashot is another smartphone photo vault, a free iOS and Android app that lets you shoot, share and sell photos. Photographers earn about 44% on every transaction.
  5. Foap is a simple platform for selling photos from a mobile phone. Your photos can be purchased by brands belonging to the largest in the world, such as MasterCard, Hyatt, Volvo Group, Absolut Vodka. A photo costs $ 10 in the app, you get $ 5 per sale.
  6. Twenty20 is a huge community of photographers who share and sell their images. There are about 300,000 photographers and 46 million photographs to choose from.
  7. Udemy . Do you know your business well? Create an online course and earn as a teacher! The average instructor earns $ 8,000 [per year]. Udemy has 12 million students and only 20,000 passionate teachers.
  8. Rype is a resource where you can work as a language teacher remotely. If you do not know any foreign language other than your own, you can teach people your language. There is a customization of language lessons depending on the needs of people, their goals and skills.
  9. Skillshare is a resource where you can learn whatever you want. You can become an expert and make money.
  10. TryMyUI – Will pay you $ 10 for 20 minutes to evaluate the site. Just go to the site, give honest feedback on various aspects and get paid.
  11. User Testing . After you register and complete the test video, tasks will be sent to your inbox when a new website comes up to test. You get paid for every website you rate. Usually one website takes about 20 minutes and you will be paid about 10-15 dollars.
  12. StartUpLift pays to answer questions about various sites. Of course, the questions may differ and depend on the needs of the customers, but the price is one – $ 5.
  13. FundsforWriters is a site that pays to write. About $ 50 for a quality 500-600 word post (in English).
  14. AngelList is an awesome place for investors from all over the world looking to invest in startups. The site is known for connecting startups and investors with each other.
  15. The Global Test Market will pay you to take surveys. It is an easy and fun way to learn new things, as well as a source of additional income.
  16. 99Designs is a popular place to sell designs for logos, T-shirts, packaging, and more. This is where designers apply for work online and customers select the perfect candidate for their task.



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