Ways to make money fast: myths and reality

Why do people who have all the necessary qualities to work for themselves and earn decent money by starting their own business or creating a vlog continue to work for hire. It’s that simple! They are restrained by stereotypes around alternative ways of earning income, each of which will now be examined in detail!

Myth 1. It is impossible to make money without investments!

This is not true! You can start making money almost immediately without investing a penny. For example, on paid survey sites. It’s just that an activity that requires an initial investment brings profit more and faster! To reach the same level without initial investment, you will need to spend more effort and time to promote your business.

Myth 2. There is only deception on the Internet!

There is no denying that there are a lot of scammers on the Internet. But a large number of them does not mean that all earning options are cheating! You just need to sensibly evaluate the proposals that the World Wide Web is replete with! If, with a small investment, you are promised mountains of gold literally right away, this is an obvious deception! Or a scheme in which only those who invested first earn money. For example, a pyramid scheme.

Myth 3. There is no place for me! It is not true!

There is always a place for those who are ready to do something very well, talented, unique, efficiently, responsibly. Fresh ideas, interesting solutions, original projects will definitely find their niches! Only those who are not ready to work will not be able to find anything for themselves. Because there is no easy, quick and at the same time high earnings. If you can earn money without making any special efforts, then we are talking about a small amount. To achieve real financial independence, you will have to work hard for at least several years!

Myth 4. You need special skills to work on the Internet!

This is not to say that it is not. It’s just that some skills can be learned. It is, of course, self-education. For example, to understand the nuances of internet marketing or HTML layout. If you have no desire or opportunity to spend time learning, then you can try yourself in making money on clicks or copywriting.

Myth 5. You can’t make a lot of money without investing!

A lot will not work out right away, but if you manage your money wisely, then soon your earnings will increase significantly! The main and only secret of high earnings is to work, work and work again! And then you will definitely achieve dizzying success in any business!



Now let’s talk in more detail about each option. How to start a business without money? In order to start a business that requires an initial investment, without your own funds, you need to find an investor! How to do it? It is necessary to draw up a competent business plan and interest a potential investor in it. Finding him is quite difficult if you do not have the appropriate connections and social circle, but nothing is impossible!


A private person, government, specialized fund or financial structure can invest in startups. Why do they need it? To get income! Funding for startups is a risky investment that brings either a loss or a huge return! A beginner will have to work hard to find an investor. First, draw up a business plan. Most importantly, this is the cost-effectiveness section!  Secondly, you need to start knocking on all doors: communicate with friends and acquaintances, post information about your idea on special project exchanges on the Internet!


The bank will have to return the entire amount with interest, and in case of non-return, the financial institution will literally leave the borrower without pants! In the case of investments, the risks are borne only by the investor. It should be understood that in case of success, you will have to give him the lion’s share of the business! Nevertheless, this is the best way to start a business without money!


No investment or with minimal investment of money! For example, a car workshop in a garage or making Hand-Made things (jewelry, interior items, etc.). For example, making money on your own website or video blog.


Online trading is the acquisition of assets for the purpose of their further resale at a higher price. The difference in price forms the speculator’s profit. Assets include stocks, bonds, futures, currency pairs, and more. This way of making money quickly requires investment. However, their amount may be insignificant. You can start trading on the stock exchange with a few tens of dollars! Many brokers provide software and tutorials for free. Their interest lies in the commission they receive from your trades.

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