Master remote professions – students can earn money

How can a student earn money? – master remote professions (4 best ways).

In times of coronavirus, the demand for Internet professions is increasing every day. Many firms have switched to remote work, and the labor market for specialists working in the Internet space is not yet fully filled. It’s time to master a new profession and reach a high level of earnings.


Profession # 1: Website developer

The profession of a website developer for business is in great demand. Here you should understand not only website builders, but also more deeply. There are usually paid tutorials out there, but you can get started with free website building courses . In addition, there are good courses on the website by or Yandex. There are also free intensive courses:

  • Intensive “Web Development for Beginners”;
  • Intensive Programming Fundamentals;
  • Intensive “Basics of Web Design”;
  • Intensive “Best Practices of Facebook and Instagram Advertising”;
  • Intensive “creation of intelligent chat bots” and others.


Previously, children could only dream of such a variety of free courses. Now their dreams have come true. Those who understand how much these professions are in demand are beginning to study right now. If you want to see how much the specialists who have received such knowledge earn, then go to the popular employers website You will see offers of salaries ranging from 50,000 to 300,000. So what is it worth considering, and not if I should study seriously?


Profession number 2: SEO specialist

Another of the remote professions is SEO website optimizer . If earlier one person was engaged in the promotion of sites in the search engine, now a whole team is working on this. Why do you need a site to be the first in the search bar?

The answer is obvious. In order for the user to look at your product or service in the first place. Indeed, business income depends on views and transitions. As many buyers appear, the business will earn as much. SEO specialists receive from 40,000 to 120,000 rubles a month in offices. Freelancers working from home can significantly increase their income by running multiple projects at once. Their earnings remain a mystery. But this is understandable. Who would want to declassify “bread places”.

In universities, the profession of SEO site optimizer is not taught. You can find information only in courses or in practice with a specialist, getting a job as an assistant.

You can take courses and get a certificate on the Internet. The main thing is that these courses are of high quality.


Profession number 3: Copywriter


The profession of copywriter (rewriter) is also in demand in the labor market. Numerous newspapers have become a thing of the past, a huge space has appeared on the Internet. Now, in order to write texts, you do not need to be a journalist. Enough courses to learn the basics of the profession. It is necessary, of course, that you love to write texts so that there are no problems with the language.

Any business needs those people who will describe products and services, write unique texts to promote companies. The copywriter’s income is not as high as that of SEO specialists or website developers, but it may be quite enough for a living.


Profession # 4: SMM specialist

Another in-demand profession is an SMM specialist . This is the person who unobtrusively promotes the company’s product or service, communicates with users, neutralizes negative reviews about the company, helps to resolve all issues in the correspondence, and makes social media accounts visible.

Generally, the responsibilities of a SMM specialist may vary. It all depends on the employer. Not only correspondence with users is encouraged, but also knowledge of analytics, marketing, a foreign language, the concept of Yandex. Metrica and Google Analytics, the ability to work in the Photoshop editor .

Other skills and abilities that are in demand may also be needed. You can learn this profession on the Skillbox website. After completing a two-year course, you are guaranteed employment. The salaries in this field of activity are very decent.

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