How to make money sitting at home for a student

How to make money sitting at home for a student with minimal investment (2 tips).

You can try to invest your money in a project in order to get more or to master a new profession.

Council number 1. Create your blog site

Having created your website – a blog, you can make money on advertising . Advertisers love sites with a lot of people. On such sites, you can show your products or services to a huge audience. Someone from such a mass of subscribers will definitely buy their product. Therefore, seeing the promoted sites, businessmen pay money to have advertisements shown on the pages of your blog.

In order to make a website – a blog, you have to think a little: what topics might interest the target audience ? What is interesting for modern users? If you post cool videos on your website every day, publish interesting articles, then there will be no problems with attendance.

The traffic will increase if you create a cool site with interesting content. But, perhaps, new items will require a certain amount of money. But, with an increase in the number of subscribers, you can monetize your site and receive income from contextual advertising, banners and publications of custom articles. The main thing is the desire to promote your site and persistence.

Council number 2. Try your hand at freelance exchanges

I also tried working for Kwork . There I improved my programming skills. This is a kind of service store. You fill out your profile in detail, trying to describe as much as possible the services that you can provide to the customer. The customer, reading about your achievements, chooses the performer he likes, and only then gives an order for work.

Beginners should take care of the rating and complete all tasks very carefully. It is interesting that your services will be fixed at a certain price, not less than 500 rubles. The more you work and the higher your rating, the more you can charge for your services.

Two simple recommendations on how to make money for a student and which part-time job is better to choose for yourself

Recommendations # 2. If you love questionnaires.


There are special sites where you can take surveys and get a small reward for it. For example, there is the Rublklub website on it, they offer to take surveys on any topics, mainly on different goods: what do you like to buy, how many times do you go to cinemas, which stores are better, and so on (but this is not a part-time job, purely in my opinion).

For completing such surveys, you will be credited with money. The longer the survey, the more time you need to spend on it, but the payment is much higher. You can withdraw money to wallets: Yandex Money, Web money or Qiwi.

Recommendation number 3. Simple tasks for transcribing audio to text.


I also tried to make money by transcribing audio into text, which can be found on the WorkZilla website ( see the link for a review of this service, but there is a paid subscription), but it turned out slowly and did not “hook me”. Although some are happy to make money on it and pretty good money.

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