How to make money for a student on the Internet without investments

How to make money for a student on the Internet without investments – TOP 7 ways, review + tips for beginners

In the age of computer technology, even a very lazy schoolchild can easily find a job. How to make money for a student on the Internet without investment? Many children ask themselves this question during the holidays. Agree, material independence from parents has many advantages. There is always pocket money. Schoolchildren did not have such a chance ten years ago. Now such a unique opportunity has appeared. What your earnings will be depends only on you.

If you need a little money, then it is enough to work a few hours a day. And if you want to buy yourself a cool smartphone or an expensive computer game that has just been released, then you have to work hard. But one way or another, I tried to collect in this article the most suitable ways of part-time work. Well, what these methods are, read below.

How can a student make money on the Internet?

It seems incredible to many that children who do not have a profession and experience begin to earn money. Practice shows that many enterprising schoolchildren keep up with the times and manage not only to study, but also to master new Internet professions for themselves .

Start small, grow little by little. To make money on the Internet for pocket money, you do not need any complicated steps. You only need certain skills or abilities. Just a couple of hours a day, and the cherished banknotes will appear in your wallet. Do you want to have a cool income on the Internet? Then you will have to master a new profession and work hard. My story will focus on how you can make money for a student and where to start.

How to make money for a student on the Internet without investment? (Seven different ways).

Method number 1. Earnings on assignments in the social. networks

I’ll start in order. The first service for making money, I chose the site Vktarget as the. Many people get their first pocket money here. The work is not difficult, does not require special skills and abilities. First you need to properly design your social media pages. You can work on pages:


  • In contact with;
  • In classmates;
  • Facebook;
  • YouTube;
  • Instagram and others.


For example, for a Vkontakte account to be considered “live” and you were allowed to complete tasks, you must have at least 10 photos, at least 10 posts, and preferably about 100 friends. It is not necessary to register on all networks. But the more you have different accounts, the wider the opportunities, which means more earnings.

I started with one VK account, but then I realized that by doing the same actions in several networks at once, you can get much more profit. Therefore, I registered at five. Moreover, in VK, I created two accounts at once, linking them to different phone numbers. And away we go … Like, repost, join groups or communities, leave comments.

Such simple actions are done by each of you in the usual communication of the Internet space. And now they also pay for it. It came out a little a month, about 600 rubles, but I was pleased. Getting money without straining is beauty. I tried to make two Instagram accounts. And oh, horror, I was “banned”. As it turned out, doing this on Instagram is categorically impossible.

If you are a fan of social media. networks and you have more or less promoted accounts, I advise you to start with Vk Target.

Method number 2. Solving captcha for a reward

How else to make money while sitting at home for a student? It’s very simple. The second service that I decided to try is captcha solving. Available tasks appear on the monitor, you just need to have time to enter the necessary characters. By filling in 1000 captchas, you get 10 rubles. For solving recaptcha, you can get 6 times more. This is a very exciting experience at first. But I quickly got bored, since I am not a fan of monotonous work. But the service pays money immediately upon request, you can withdraw from 15 rubles. It’s comfortable. By the way, the service is called Rucaptcha.


Method number 3. Part-time work on Yandex services

What other sites are there for making money without investment for schoolchildren? Yandex Toloka and earnings on affiliate programs attracted my attention.

  • Different tasks are offered on Toloka:
  • Comparison of different sites;
  • Moderation of text comments;
  • Photos of various organizations and others.

Immediately I went through a little training to understand how to do the tasks correctly. There is nothing difficult in this, although at the beginning it was scary. What if I can’t cope? It turned out no, everything is very simple. Earnings on Toloka are small, withdrawal of funds to a Yandex wallet or to a mobile phone. The pay is best for photographs of various buildings. So, planning to walk around the city, you can book assignments for yourself, and then complete them. And take a walk, and get income.


Method number 4. Affiliate programs and referral programs.

You can also make money on affiliate programs. Engage users, they will take the right action. When a user clicks on the desired link, you will receive your certain percentage. Perhaps it will be purchases, opening an account, participating in the game and other activities. In order for users to follow the link, you create a bright advertising post and insert an affiliate link there. For example, you can use these 5 affiliate programs (although they are more suitable for site monetization)


Method number 5. Rewriting of texts to order.

If you write essays and essays well, you can easily cope with the work of rewriting texts to order, and here the earnings are quite large, but you will also have to work a lot. For example, on the Advego service, you can both write ( copywriting ) or rewrite (rewriting) texts to order, as well as comment, write texts for posts (remote assistant) or solve captchas. This service offers different tasks, you can choose what you want to do at the moment.


Method number 6. Part-time work as a remote assistant

The profession of “remote assistant” is now also in great demand on the Internet. Many businessmen need assistants on their personal website so that they communicate with clients, publish interesting posts, remove from groups people who violate the rules of the group or community. Schoolchildren can do this too. For example, in addition to this blog, I have several more projects and a schoolboy whom I found on Workzilla helps me to publish an article . The money for publications is small (on average, I pay 100-150 rubles for one publication), but it is not a lot of time. It turns out an excellent part-time job for 2-3 hours, which does not require special knowledge.


Method number 7. Creation of sites to order

How to make money for a student on the Internet without investment? It turns out that you can earn money by creating custom-made websites. There are special CMS systems that allow you to quickly and easily create beautiful sites. Here, of course, you will have to understand a little and learn something. But it’s not difficult. There would be a desire. Simple sites can be created, for example, on WordPress (by the way, I create all my sites, like this blog, on WordPress) and update them without any additional payments. If then you decide to choose the creation of sites as your profession, you will have to learn a lot, you will need investments. But for every good website you create, you will receive a lot of money. So it’s worth considering!


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