Tinkoff investments how to make money and customer reviews

In conditions of sufficiently high inflation, many are wondering how to get rid of capital losses. The deposit in the bank does not meet expectations, the interest on the deposit in credit institutions does not exceed 6-7% per annum. It is foolish not to want to find ways to increase your deposit, to look for more profitable options.

The development of Internet banking has brought significant convenience to all depositors. Now you can open an account, including a savings account, without visiting the bank’s office. Such offers are tempting. At the same time, confidence in bank deposits remains at a fairly high level – banks will not bring losses, and the amount of one and a half million is insured against bankruptcy of the organization.

Among the mass offers of deposit accounts, the development and recognition of the public and other ways of obtaining interest from the available “free” funds are gradually being developed. Investing is a trend in recent years. One of those who offer investment services today is Tinkoff Bank.

How Tinkoff Investments works

Tinkoff made it as easy as possible for depositors-investors. The principle of operation is simple, you must first register on the bank’s website. This can be done through the Tinkoff Investments application, which makes life easier for those who are used to using exclusively portable devices. Agents themselves will bring the agreement for opening an account. You can also become such an agent, work at Tinkoff Bank implies such a position. Next, you start buying / selling investment packages.

The essence of earning income is buying shares at low prices before the projected growth, with the subsequent sale. Investor participation in the process is minimal. All transactions are carried out remotely. All actions available for assets can be performed on the Tinkoff ru investment pages.

Of course, user participation is required and necessary. Investments are not just a deposit in a bank. To buy and sell shares at more profitable rates, you need to study statistics, analyze the market, and be interested in building prices for specific assets. The reward for participation in the processes will be a percentage that is several times different from those offered by banks. So how can you invest money in Tinkoff?

You will have access to stocks, bonds and currencies. At the same time, currency trading here allows you to exchange at more favorable rates. For example, the difference between buying and selling a dollar is a couple of dozen cents against a couple of rubles in banks.

For opening and closing transactions, replenishing a brokerage account and withdrawing money from it, Tinkoff does not charge a commission. But transactions on the market will cost at least 99 rubles, or 0.3% of the transaction.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tinkoff investment

  • The benefits of investing money through Tinkoff include:
  • Minimal involvement of the investor in the processing of transactions;
  • Departure of the bank representatives to the specified address;
  • Availability of a convenient and informative application for iOS and Android for operational work with promotions;
  • Buying assets in the name of an investor, not a broker. This allows you not to worry about the sudden disappearance of the intermediary, you will still be the owner of the shares;
  • Investment income favorably exceeds the return on conventional deposits. On average, you can get about 100% per annum, or slightly less at the stage of learning the basics of the market;
  • The presence on the website and in the annex of a section on market analysis, up-to-date financial news;
  • The presence of bonuses, such as getting a promotion as a gift from Tinkoff;
  • Payment of taxes by the broker himself. You do not need to worry about paying taxes on income, filling in wrong returns.

There are no advantages without disadvantages, so let’s go through the disadvantages of the Tinkoff broker:

  • Any trading in the market involves some risks. Earnings will be only in cases of correct analysis and verified actions. No one is immune from a market reversal in another direction. This means that being an investor is a risk. The peculiarity of any broker, not only Tinkoff, is the absence of responsibility for the actions taken by investors. This is true, but this fact must be understood and accepted. Only you make the decision to buy or sell assets;
  • Inability in some cases to receive income “right now”. Accrual of income on securities can be made according to different schedules (depending on the company). If you urgently need to withdraw money, this may turn out to be a loss, since you will have to sell shares at a reduced price urgently;

Perhaps these two shortcomings are the most important and the only ones. If there is an understanding of the risk and personal responsibility for all transactions, then investing in Tinkoff will bring a noticeable return.


How to start using Tinkoff investments

As already mentioned, to start using it, you need to register with a broker by signing the contract brought to the address. A personal account will become available on the website and in the application, through which all investment actions are performed. Authorization at the entrance to your personal account is made by login and password, with a confirmation code via SMS.

There is a pleasant surprise – for newcomers Tinkoff investments a share as a gift. How to get it will be told later.

Investment actions are performed in a subsection of the cabinet. Here you will need a deeper authorization, indicating passport data, information for the tax office (TIN, etc.), information on employment, on average monthly income. After a short (several minutes) pause, the application will be approved, you will be taken to the next page, where the data for the delivery of the contract by courier are filled in.

For current holders of a Tinkoff-bank bank card, authorization is simplified, the agreement is signed using an electronic signature and SMS.

For beginners, the app has a robot assistant that gives hints. This does not really allow us to say that investing is an easy way to make money on the Internet , but it makes the infusion of a trader faster and more error-free. Artificial intelligence is hiding in the application in the “what to buy” subsection. It will not contain exactly offers for purchase, but simply a list of available assets. After choosing the appropriate option, you can purchase the asset using a bank card or directly from a pre-funded brokerage account.

What to invest in Tinkoff investments

You can invest in the following types of securities:

Promotions. The most profitable type of investment. Shares of companies are constantly changing in price. It is proposed to make money on the price difference by buying and selling them. With competent and careful trading, the yield reaches 10% per month.

Bonds. Less risky type of investment. The profitability is constant and higher than the banking one. Bonds are a profitable, practically risk-free investment. Yield from 10 to 15% per annum.

Currency. The most beloved trading tool for Russian investors. The ability to make money even on short terms – a few days.

Exchange Traded Fund. The most risk-free investment. ETFs are a basket of several stocks (sometimes several dozen stocks) with an average return on them. As a rule, funds are composed of the types (areas) of activities of companies (for example, it or construction, etc.).

Bonus from Tinkoff investment or promotion as a gift

Tinkoff encourages all new investors to the army with a bonus. We present to your attention the promised information on how to get a promotion as a gift from Tinkoff. Any company needs an increase in visitors and participants; for this, different methods are used, more often these are bonuses during registration.

Tinkoff is no exception, therefore it has a referral system. Friends may invite you to become investors, you could register in the system and follow the blogger’s link. In any case, if the link is referral, then you are a referral, which means you are entitled to a bonus. What Tinkoff promotion can I get as a gift?

Tinkoff always pays 1000 rubles to new users who come via a referral link;

Bonuses for new users in the form of company securities (at Tinkoff’s choice) in the amount of up to 10,000 rubles (as luck would have it). For the subsequent withdrawal of this money, you will need to make a trade turnover in the amount of 15,000 real rubles. You can do this even with 500 rubles on your account, buying and selling. The main thing is to make a turnover of funds;

From time to time, Tinkoff holds promotions, increasing the amount when replenishing the account by the amount of the bonus. To withdraw the received bonuses, you will also need to complete the established turnover.

In general, each share as a gift from Tinkoff investment has its own conditions for receiving. The terms and conditions can be read in detail in the footnotes to the promotion. The main thing is that Tinkoff conducts them with enviable consistency.

How much do you earn on Tinkoff investments?

It is difficult, even impossible, to say about the size of specific amounts. A lot of circumstances affect the final income:

  1. The amount of deposits;
  2. Return on assets;
  3. Trading strategies;
  4. Market control by the investor;
  5. Reasonableness of transactions;
  6. Use of fundamental analysis (the impact of news on the market);
  7. The number of transactions performed.

We can confidently say that investing implies both high returns and losses. However, the essence of the investment proposals of various banks is to attract ordinary users to the business. In order for ordinary users to receive income, banks, including Tinkoff, in every possible way simplify the work with assets, prompt and help. After all, banks receive their profit from interest, and in order not to lose investors, they need to be helped. At the same time, the growth of shares of companies plays according to parallel market rules and depends on their activities and success. So Tinkoff’s investments become publicly available and have different returns, starting from 10% per annum. The upper bar of profitability is not limited.

Client reviews about Tinkoff Investments

The program has existed for several years and has acquired an opinion about itself. So the reviews of traders about Tinkoff investments speak of a predominantly positive experience of cooperation. The program actually allows people to generate income. True, you need to understand that income does not grow from zero, investment requires investments that not everyone has.

Investing the last funds in business is highly discouraged. It is these actions that cause bankruptcy, losses and, as a result, negative reviews about Tinkoff investments in general.

The practice of investing your savings shows that with a reasonable approach to this business, income is always provided, because there is a huge amount of assets. The main rule is not to put all your eggs in one basket – use several techniques and assets. Get to know the market, learn to forecast. Many successful millionaires, such as Robert Kiyosaki, speak of the benefits of investment.

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