How to make big money by downloading files (easy ways)

Where to get interesting files for FO.

To make really good money on File Sharing, you have to work hard. First of all, you need to find relevant files that thousands and tens of thousands of people want to download. It can be any kind of data, everything that people download from the Internet. This category of files includes: a new video or song of a famous artist, a trailer for a new film and the movie itself, music, codes for games, photo wallpapers, pictures for adults, programs for PCs, etc. You can’t count everything. The more popular a file is, the more it will be downloaded and the more money you will get for it.

There are two ways to search for such files. The first one is on the same varezniki. Many of them show statistics on downloading a particular file. You can see what is being pumped more often and borrow it for yourself. You can also find the demanded file on torrents.

But the second way to find files is more interesting and productive. I’ll tell you how I myself look for them. I go to Yandex statistics ( and look for popular queries. I select different keys with the “download” prefix and select the most frequent ones. For example, at the moment the request “download mod tanks” has more than 100 thousand views! We are looking for the required file (information) in the same Yandex, download and upload to the Federal District. And then, looking ahead, we place a link to this file on the visited vareznik.


How to upload (upload, download) files to a file hosting service.

To describe the process of uploading files to a file hosting service, the slang “upload” and “upload” is also used. They mean the same thing – uploading a file. So, the first thing you need to do is register on the FO. It is advisable to create accounts for yourself not on one file hosting service, but on several. And here it is not only about increasing earnings. The fact is that many varezniki, where you will post links to your files, require that the file can be downloaded from different sources. Those. from different file storages.

Uploading a file to a file hosting service is very simple. Let’s take a look at depositfiles as an example. The first thing we do is register on the site, log into the system, look for the link “download the file”, then “select the file” – specify the path to the file on the PC and click “download”. After your file is uploaded to the file hosting service, you will receive a special link to it.

Where to place links, we are looking for high-traffic products.

I am sure that you have come across such a concept as a wareznik or a warez site (from the English Warez). These are sites that illegally distribute various software, cracks, and other files. Some of the warehouses have a lot of traffic. These include sites with a daily audience of thousands of people. These are the high-traffic warehouses we need. I think it’s understandable, more visits – more people will see your links and download more.

Usually, the cooler the vareznik, the stricter there is moderation for adding links. Therefore, do not be lazy and be sure to read the site rules before adding links. Otherwise, they will all be deleted, and you will be banned.

You can search for products with high traffic through search engines or popular ratings. In the search engines, you can search for the queries “list of warezniks”, and various thematic queries with the prefix “download”. For example, “download music”, “download a program …”, etc.

The procedure for working with FO

To summarize all of the above, what will be your procedure for making money by downloading files.

1) Registration in FOs that pay money.
2) Choosing the types of files you will work with, looking for sources where to get these files.
3) We are looking for varezniki, where we will post links to files, add them to bookmarks for convenience. Be sure to read the rules for adding links and news.
4) We register on warez sites, post links to our files.
5) We control the addition of our links, some varezniks (their moderators) may not miss your links. Perhaps you did something wrong. If everything was done according to the rules of the site, but the news was still not missed, then we no longer work with this vareznik.
6) Create news templates with links for quick posting.
7) We continue to post links to all found warezniki. We are gaining experience, we do not stop there.
8) After you have a good understanding of the process and want to increase the volume, we are looking for software that can automatically post news to warezniks. There is such software, it is paid, you will find it in Google.
9) We enjoy the results of labor, we make a profit.


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