Working on the Internet for teachers and students

Freelancing is an attempt to make money on skills and abilities in your free time. A photographer sells works created during photo sessions through photo stocks, a retoucher receives assignments through stock exchanges, and a copywriter makes money on clients of texts.

Many can write, but not everyone can write competently. You can write high-quality and valuable content only by owning the subject. A plumber will skillfully write an article on the repair of a water supply system, a doctor can scientifically present material on a narrow profile.

It is important to be willing to make and apply knowledge. The teacher is also a narrow specialist who can teach outside the institute, engage in tutoring in the subject. The student also has fresh knowledge and in the senior years of the institute can, if desired, put them into practice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Work for Teachers

Extra money is always needed, so remote work as a way to make money is a clear plus. But in freelancing for teachers, not everything is so rosy, there are also disadvantages. Let’s consider what disadvantages are encountered.

Disadvantages of Remote Work for Teachers :

Teachers are busy people. After school lessons, the teacher’s work continues in the form of electives, homework checks, or passed tests. Earnings for a teacher on the Internet turns into overwork, a decrease in productivity in the first place of employment. The student is also able to delve into freelancing at the expense of studies;

1. It takes months to promote a name (to raise the rating on the freelance exchange). During this period, you need to work hard, and take an underestimated payment.

2. Accepted orders must be completed on time so as not to lose customers. Sometimes, due to employment, the deadlines will be missed, which will affect the rating.

The main disadvantages are minor, incomparable with the advantages that freelancing provides. Consider the pros.

1. Additional income. This is the main reason for students to earn money on the Internet. Comments are superfluous.

2. Experience. Gaining experience is valuable. The experience gained will be applied in the future when working at the main place of work or to hone skills in the current position.

3. A new kind of activity. Perhaps, having seen your potential, you will come to the conclusion about turning freelancing into permanent employment. This happens quite often. When freelancing is able to bring in more income than formal employment, this is a positive result.

4. Dependence of income on dedication and experience. When wages are capped at the official salary, people put in the effort to raise that they have been waiting for years. Freelance allows you to present yourself in any capacity. If work results are to be judged higher, your right to demand more for work. If customers go, it means that the assessment was carried out correctly.

5. Ability to control workload. Your right to take as many tasks for the execution as there is enough free time. This should be done with caution, unfulfilled tasks threaten the loss of customer confidence.

Ways to make money for teachers and students on the Internet

Based on the principle of earning on the use of skills, teachers and students can choose a limited number of ways. The best options are writing term papers and theses, completing assignments on freelance exchanges (copywriting, design, other types related to the specifics of study (teaching)).

Many people can work through freelance exchanges, but why are they valued among teachers and students? The point is that teachers and students are specialists in a given field. A computer science teacher or student studying programming can easily write an article on any of the programming topics, or create a product by receiving an order on a freelance exchange. It doesn’t matter that he is just learning, the main thing is to cope with the task. Let’s consider the ways to make money in more detail.

Implementation of term papers and theses

The teacher has to pass hundreds of term papers and dozens of theses through his hands. Such a baggage of knowledge and skills cannot be lost. Checking other people’s work is part of the responsibility, another thing is to write a term paper or thesis for money. There is a demand on the Internet for authors who are ready to write diploma theses that meet the requirements of GOST, revealing the topic. Why not spend some of your free time making money in this way? You will need a computer, the Internet and two hours of free time a day.

Websites for making money on writing term papers and theses

To find a client for such earnings, you need to visit and register on specialized sites. There is no need to search for clientele through ads or impose on social media. Now there are thousands of websites designed to bring the contractor and the customer together. Consider two services that users praise for.

The site “I passed everything” positions itself as a service to help students. Judging by the presence of 66 thousand registered students, which account for 22 thousand performers (teachers, professors), the service is decent. The site attracts with its design and intuitive interface.

Round-the-clock support and constant readiness of experts to work are not satisfactory. According to the service, only certified specialists with grades “good” and “excellent” are involved as experts. Control, laboratory, coursework, drawings, presentations, translations, essays and reports. These and some other services are available at Registration is available as a performer or expert. The site has 95 percent positive reviews online, which makes it a popular place to make money.

The service is also designed to help students. There are even more professionals, there are 310 thousand of them here from 200 fields of knowledge – “talking” numbers. The average rating of the service is 4.9 points. The pages are colorfully designed and do not cause navigation problems. To keep in touch, an application is available for a smartphone for iOS and Android. Help is available 24/7, including in the VKontakte group.

The principle of the sites is the same. The student posts the assignment, the specialist responds to it by offering services. The choice of the contractor for the customers, therefore, the portfolio must be drawn up attractively and competently. After choosing you as a specialist, the nuances of the task are clarified and the execution begins. It should be completed on time, while it is desirable to be constantly in touch to solve operational tasks for the work performed. The rating of the portfolio and the fate of future orders depend on the quality of the completed task.

Remote tutoring

Those with experience in a narrow field are offered a more humane option – work as a tutor on the Internet, via video communication. Now this method is widespread, there are no problems with communication.

You can indicate your desire to teach on social networks, advertise yourself in thematic groups. Video communication allows you not to be limited to one city, teaching is available from anywhere in the world when connected to the Internet. Through video communication, you can conduct both tutoring and counseling, a workshop, joint problem solving, error analysis, and so on. The price is set per academic hour.

Freelance and copywriter work

Another way how to make money for a teacher on the Internet is to write thematic texts. There are hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs on the Internet that need useful content. Site owners are constantly looking for authors whose texts will bring visitors. Medical sites, legal, construction, design, art, culinary. The list is endless. If you are a teacher or student of a suitable profile, then writing texts will bring tangible income. If you know how to correctly express your thoughts and fully disclose a given topic, then the price of your texts will be quite high, and the reviews on the work will be positive. Customers appreciate when texts are written in the right angle without unnecessary discussion.

You can find yourself two or three regular customers, then the additional income for the teacher will increase, your free time will be occupied by writing content. It is advisable to search for customers on specialized exchanges. Let’s consider them below.


A service created to search for an artist at a fixed price – 500 rubles. The fixed price is a lure here. You, as a performer, post a kwork (this is the name of the page with your proposal) at a price of 500 rubles. Determine what includes such a proposal. Additional or extended services on the offer are paid separately at a more interesting price.

The kwork site employs specialists of different profiles, offering everything that they are capable of. Freelance work at home is varied. You, as a teacher or student, have the right to offer your services in writing texts on a specific topic, proofreading, and translation. You can even offer to check theses for compliance with GOST, act as an editor.

The site is focused on making money by writing articles for blogs and websites on customer terms. Here the site owners lay out the tasks, and you, as the author, select the most suitable one and proceed to the implementation. The exchange has a rating system and confirmation of the performer’s qualifications.

If you are a licensed medical professional, a lawyer or know foreign languages, your profile will receive a special mark, which customers regard as confirmation of high knowledge.

How much can you earn from tutoring and writing coursework on the Internet?

The main question is how much income does online teacher work generate? It all depends on the time spent and the speed of work. Let’s evaluate:

1. A tutor costs 500 rubles per hour. Tutoring every evening with one client for 5 working days we get 2500 rubles, for a month – 10 000 rubles;

2. writing term papers, diploma theses. Coursework costs about 2,000 rubles. It will take a couple of evenings to write it, we get 20 thousand per month. Diplomas take longer and are more expensive, about 10,000 rubles. In general, writing diploma theses brings about 20 tr., Given that you work only in the evenings.

3. Articles are estimated at 400 rubles, one article will have to be written all evening. Income – 8000 rubles.

As you can see, the most profitable option is to write term papers and diplomas for money. Someone will prefer to make money on tutoring online, it is also attractive, as it takes place in the form of live communication. If you wish, you can teach two clients per evening and get more income.

The teacher and student receive a small salary (stipend). In order to need less money, additional income in the form of a remote location is the most suitable option. The main thing is that there is no need to learn new frontiers, you apply the skills acquired within the walls of the institute for the benefit of others. At the same time, you do not get bad money.

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