How to make money on file hosting for a beginner then follow these Tips & Tricks

The main rule is to upload videos that are popular and will be of interest to users. Your earnings depend on the number of downloads. “What can be downloaded?” – you ask. Anything! It can be a new clip, a new movie, a popular song, books, funny videos, new versions of programs, games …. Have you noticed that the word “new” is often repeated?

Popular file hosting

We suggest you use our selection of the most popular file sharing:

DepositFiles is the most widespread and popular file hosting service. On this service, you can earn from 2 to 10 dollars per 1000 downloads. The amount of earnings depends on the size of the uploaded file (from 1Mb). The site is famous for the fact that it quite often holds promotions for people who work with it.
Letitbit is also a fairly well-known file hosting service. On this service, you can earn from $ 5 to $ 15 per 1000 downloads. The amount of earnings depends on the size of the uploaded object (from 5 Mb).
Sms-files is a paid file sharing service for downloaders. For 1000 downloads of paid material, you can get income up to 70,000 rubles. For 1000 free downloads, you can get a profit equal to 200 rubles. The payment takes place weekly.
file7 is one of the newer systems. Payments are made instantly. On this service, you can earn from 20 rubles and more for several downloads.

Little secrets for more money

The first little secret to making more money is a large number of downloaded files. Spread your uploaded objects everywhere and upload as much as possible. For a beginner, the number of files per day is 5, in the future, strive for 10.

The second secret , in principle, we have already described it a little – interesting material. If your information is relevant and interesting to users, you will be provided with a large number of downloads.

The third secret is the weight of the file. The more it weighs, the more your earnings on file sharing. But, be careful with your downloads. Strongly “heavy” videos or games will be too lazy for users to download. Find a sweet middle. It also doesn’t mean that you only need to upload movies or videos. Thin uploads with photos and text documents.

The fourth little secret is the affiliate program . Services do not pay for all registered guests. It is imperative to read and agree to the proposed rules of affiliate programs.

The fifth secret is that for certain foreign users who download information, they pay more. These include users in Germany, the USA and other countries.

And the last sixth little secret is your website. If you have your own website and it is pretty well promoted – this is the best source of income.

Now you know what it is to make money on file hosting without attachments. In this article, we have revealed a few little secrets to you on how to make more money and have listed several popular services for work.

Hello everyone! In the last article I wrote about and in the sequel I decided to write a review about the best file hosting services for making money on the Internet. I will tell you about how you can make money on file benches , what are file sharing services , what is their purpose.


Making money on files file hosting is a powerful tool that brings high income. You can work with file sharing even without your own website. I will briefly tell you how to make money on file hosting .

First you need to register at all the file hosting services presented below.
Next, we look for files that are in demand and download them
Preparing the file, coming up with a tempting thematic name for the file.
After preparing the file, upload it to file hosting services.

All the file is ready for downloading, you can distribute the link to thematic blogs or forums. If you have your own visited site, then use it.
As you can see, making money on files is very simple, the main thing is to upload files that are interesting to users. Many are looking for the secret of making good money on file hosting , I will tell you this – there are not any secrets, this is all a lure, adhere to the rules of making money on files that I have listed and you will succeed.

And now it’s time to list the best file sharing services for making money on the Internet.


File hosting list


SKA4AY is a file hosting service that offers to earn money by downloading your files, has a referral program. It is the best file hosting service at the end of 2016, and I hope it won’t let you down in 2017 either. I advise everyone !!

GIGAPETA – it seems like they write that it’s a good file hosting service, but I haven’t used it a lot and haven’t withdrawn money yet, it was founded in 2007, we try and comment.

RAPIDGATOR – File hosting offers to make money by downloading files, it seems like not bad money, up to 1000Mb $ 20, over 1000Mb $ 40.

DISCSPASE – this file hosting service pays the most, for downloading one file from 2 to 3 rubles, payments to a Yandex wallet, web money and soon qiwi will appear.

COSTACTION is an affiliate program of file hosting services, which includes TURBOBIT and HITFILE, so let’s say 3 file hosting services in one, very convenient.

TURBOBIT is an excellent file sharing service , it pays $ 30 for 1000 downloads of one file, the file must weigh at least 1 mb, imagine how much you can earn from downloading your files.

HITFILE is the newest file hosting service , looks like TURBOBIT, the conditions of earnings are the same.

FILE-SEVEN – I supplement the list with file hosting. This file hosting service pays, verified! Added new functions, landing pages for downloading your files. Payments to different payment systems. They pay 5 rubles per download.

Greetings, dear visitors to the site about working in the network. If you have visited my resource, it means that you are looking for new effective ones. There are a lot of options for part-time work, and most of them do not require any specialized skills or knowledge from you in any area. In this article, I will introduce you to the opportunity to make money on file hosting services, I will tell you all the details of such work, and I will reveal important details. You will learn how to choose a file hosting service and where to get started. By following the tips and tricks, you can turn from an ordinary beginner into a real pro in the field of online earnings.


The principle of making money on file hosting

File sharing services (FS) are special services with which you can upload, store and download various files (music, videos, images, etc.). Such sites make life much easier for many users. Especially in cases where you need to send a lot of large files to multiple recipients. You can simply upload them to the server, and other users will follow the link and download everything they need.

The important thing is that you pay for every 1000 downloads . You will need to post links to, attracting more audience. In addition, the files you download must be relevant and of high quality. It is necessary that at least 1000 users want to download them. The owners of the file hosting services themselves pay for this, since you bring visitors to their resource. To get a good profit from such work, you should take a responsible approach to the choice of a file hosting service.

How to choose a reliable file hosting service?


If you decide to make money on file hosting, then first of all you should pay attention to several important factors , such as:

Profit level . Different sites offer different prices per 1000 downloads. In addition, the size of the files can affect the price (usually, the more the document weighs, the higher the price is offered for it). Some FIs may offer higher rewards for smaller files, while others may not pay at all. It is important to choose the most suitable earning strategy for yourself and, on the basis of this, select a project for earning.
Stable work of the Federal District . Be sure to read the reviews about the project, find out how long it has been in operation. Follow the links, study the interface of the sites and choose the site with which it will be most convenient for you to work.
Traffic from which countries is paid . This is a very important condition, since there are file sharing services that offer very favorable terms of cooperation, but pay only for visitors from certain countries.

Step-by-step algorithm of work

After you choose a project for cooperation, you need to clearly understand the algorithm for further actions. Many beginners do not know how to properly organize their activities, so they get lost at first or stop working altogether.

To get good money from file hosting, you should follow these instructions:


Register with a reliable and verified FD.

Decide what files you plan to download (movies, images, music, software, etc.), as well as find good sources for these files.
Select sites on which you will post a link to your materials in a file hosting service (forums, social networks, etc.). There may be several of them, for convenience you can save them to your browser bookmarks.
Get acquainted with the rules of work on these sites, go through the registration procedure on them.
Post news with links to your files in the Federal District.
Wait 1-3 hours for your news to be moderated (this usually applies to forums). Check placement. It often happens that some news does not pass the moderator’s check. The reason for this may be your incomplete compliance with all site rules. If you are sure that you did everything correctly, but your news is still not published, then cross this forum from your list and stop working with it. To make money on file hosting, it is important to filter out sites that, for one reason or another, refuse to publish your notes.
So that in the future it takes less time to post news with links, it’s worth preparing their templates.
Continue posting links on a variety of Internet resources, study more information, gain experience.
After a certain period of time, you can try to use special programs for automatic posting of notes with links to the FO. Such software exists, but it is usually paid.
As you can see, the essence of the work is very simple. This type of part-time job does not require higher education, experience or any special knowledge from you. It is enough to strictly follow the presented algorithm, look for more good forums, thus attracting visitors to the file hosting service. Your income level will depend solely on your efforts and efforts.


How much can you earn?

Don’t expect to make good profits in the first few days. Typically, such projects offer from $ 2 for every 1000 downloads of the file . But it must be remembered that the time during which this 1000 downloads will be typed depends only on you and on how often you will post news with links on different forums and sites. Thus, you will be able to observe the first cents on your account in about a week. This is assuming you spend 1-2 hours a day posting links.

For a couple of hours a day, you can find several good files and upload them to a file hosting service, as well as post links to these files on 40-50 different sites. If you choose enough visited resources, you can expect that from one such site you will receive an average of 5-7 downloads of one file per day. And if you select the files that are in demand, then the number of downloads can increase significantly. Thus, with an average workload, it is quite possible to earn about $ 250 on a file hosting service.

Many newcomers to the industry expect to generate income from the very first days. That is why many do not achieve absolutely any results and give up this occupation. If you realistically assess the situation and understand that the first tangible income may appear in a month, then you will be successful in this area. I wish you patience, perseverance and good profits!

Today we will talk about making money on file hosting . It is also called making money by downloading files. Both of these concepts can be used.

This type of earnings is notable for the fact that you do not need to have your own website, any special skills or abilities. Everything is very simple and understandable for everyone. In this article, I described everything in detail, but the note turned out to be decent in volume. Therefore, be patient and be sure to read everything to the end. Then, in your head, the whole scheme of how people earn on FO (FO – short for file sharing) will take shape.

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